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Schools Questions about admission to Cornell University

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    "Questions about admission to Cornell University"

    I will take my Bsc. in Physics next year. And I have already started to think about my Msc. degree. I m considering Cornell Univ. My cGPA will be like 3.40/4.00.However, my core courses averege is about 3.70/4.00. And I have strong recommendation latter from my well-known Prof. in Particle Physics. I want to study on Particle Physics as well.
    My university education language is English, so Cornell dont wanna take me TOEFL. I will take GRE General and GRE Physics test. I have participated some national and international conferences and presented presantations. I will also participate
    a national summer school, and i have a project with a full support of Turkish National Science Foundation,project title is "Dark matter and Alternatives".

    Finally, my questions are
    "what is my chance being accepted as graduate student to Cornell Univ."
    "Can I get a scholarship somehow from USA?"

    Please help me, It makes me bad to think these things
    Thanks a lot
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    I don't really have any input on your first question, but as for your second, the answer is available on Cornell's website if you just look for it:

    "The Physics Department admits only as many graduate students as it anticipates being able to support through the Ph.D. Every effort is made to offer full financial support to all graduate students until they complete their advanced degree."

    (From http://www.physics.cornell.edu/graduate/financial-aid/ [Broken])
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    I guess you are from outside USA. you are now in B.Sc and you are thinking about PhD from now? you are so early .... anyway from which university you are? I have pretty good knowledge about admission in USA. reputation of your university also matters getting in cornell....
    last advice is go through this link:

    http://www.physics.wustl.edu/~katz/scientist.html [Broken]

    the writer himself is cornell PhD.

    take care
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    Well.... I may not be able to answer your question specifically about physics but, I went to Cornell for B.S in Mech Eng.

    My roomate is doing PhD in Physics at Cornell and he also did undergrad at Cornell so, it was a little easier for him to get in. However, I know that the PhD physics program at Cornell is one of the best in US so, I would recommend having excellent grades and recommendations. Seems like you may be a good candidate from you description but, admission process is so weird that no one can say you'll get in....
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