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Questions about some material from Dirac

  1. Jul 23, 2008 #1
    Hey I was hoping you guys could clarify some stuff in Dirac, I'm trying to sort through the Schrodinger representation:

    1) What exactly is the standard ket > ????? Can anyone give me it in terms of pure linear algebra? What does it mean for it to be unity in terms of wave functions??

    2) I guess Schrodinger's representation allows us to use only position and corresponding position derivatives to describe a physical system?

    3) When we have the coefficient i in the equation for the quantum Poisson bracket, is this the complex i?????? Or is it an arbitrary coefficient.

    4) When exactly can't we eliminate arbitrary phase factors? I know when the phase factor is a constant, we can take it such that it is unity when it is multiplied by it's conjugate.
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