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Questions about Thermodynamics?

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    Hello everyone, what a great forum!

    Im a 24 years old student from Norway, one of the courses I currently take is "Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics" by Moran and Shapiro. Is this a place where I could make posts regarding this sort of material? :smile:

    I apologize in advance for my spelling and grammar!
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    Cool, thanks! :cool:

    I dont discriminate anyone, and that includes fish. It would be unfair to have a favourite one.
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    *Slaps John with a porcupine fish*
    Sorry, initiation ritual- should have said goldfish or something smaller and less spiny. (Porcupine fish is a penalty for not specifying which fish you like the most. Just made that rule up. :devil:
    And now you've been officially initiated into PF.
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    Posts on physics topics should be made on one of the physics subforums. Questions on thermodynamics is suitable for either General, or Classical Physics. However, if the question is related to school-work, homework, or is of a HW/Coursework-type problem, then it must be done in the HW/Coursework forum and in accordance to the rules of that forum.

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    There is no General, or Classical Physics -subforum in the "Homework & Coursework Questions"-forum :uhh:
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    General and Classical physics are only in the main physics subforums. You will have to choose which of the Intro or Advanced physics section in the HW/Coursework forums that are appropriate. Generally, questions from 1st and 2nd year physics problems fall under the Intro Physics section.

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    I did PM you the links, you know...
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