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Questions about these math classes

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    Im taking quite a bit of math this year and would like to know what is learned from these courses
    .pre calculus is it just alg 2and trig?
    Physics 1honors would pre calc help me to get a better understanding?
    College algebra- is it like pre calc (taking it at the community college)
    AP Statistics- I have no idea what math is in it, is it hard
    Also do you think these classes will look good for UCF? Thanks in advance also going to be a junior
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    Mainly- but also things like limits and "proof by induction" are typically included.

    I would certainly exect so although it is an old truism that "the math you need for this years physics courses you will learn in next year's math courses!"

    If you did well in algebra in Secondary School, you really shouldn't need "College Algebra".

    Some basic probability, a lot of formulas for determining whether this or that might have happened by chance or might really "mean" something. As for whether it is "hard" or not you probably best ask the teacher.

    What is "UCF"?
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