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Queston On The Theory Of Everything

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    why cant eh idea of the megaverse be expanded downard. thet id\f the universe is part of something bigger, than why cant the same ting be fore subatmic levels and even in the case of the string theories. ssorry if im typing bad because i am in the school library with only 5 min left.
    so why cant there be stuff smaller than strings, and stff smaller and smaller and even there be negative mass. this mass whould be imaginary and parralle to the universe.. right. and then would have the oppsite effects of matter, creating space-time by expanding it.. i need visuals to explain. if at all, we wouldnt be able to see negative mess not only because it is imaginary, but because it is, the relativness is so distorted and away from spac-time, that light is stationary. and with threads posted defore, when something is absoluteley stationary, like light than it is timeless and connot function through space
    HELP I NEED ANSWERS oh and if i break any rules, im so srry im new to this. pls answer my question. oh and one more thing, if theory of relativity is true, than at subatmoiclevels, canst it make a difference to subatomic stff . srry gottago. mom is waiting for me outside school
    srry i f i spell bad
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    There is no rule which says what are guessing is impossible. However, the present state of physics knowledge is such that there is no evidence for the idea of smaller and smaller.
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    Small scales corresponds to high energy in physics. We simply can't probe much below ~ 10^(-18) metres (very approximately). There could be plenty of stuff smaller, but we have no way of seeing it.

    Current arguments also suggest that new physics must emerge at or before the Planck scale... so we know at least where the "goalposts" are, although this realm will never be directly experimentally accessible (you need a particle accelerator the length of the galaxy or so)
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    Doesn't that go against history? Physics knowledge has always progressed towards smaller and larger.
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