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Queueing theory in massive transportation

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    I'm working on a project trying to analize the massive transportation system in Bogota (Colombia). I know that simulation tools are better in complex environments but I want to try some analytic tools.

    I was thinking how to model the process in which people wait for a Bus. But I dont know really how to model this process.

    Suposse the capacity of the BUS is 100 people.

    I was thinking of a system G/G/100/100. Am I correct?

    Can any one help me? Thank you.
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    Stephen Tashi

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    They are!

    You'll find that if you think clearly about how to create a simulation, you will be able to state all the information needed to do an analytic solution.

    Whether you are correct or not can only be determined if you use say what you are trying to use this model for. I don't see how you plan to visualize a bus as 100 servers. One cannot say whether a a model fits a situation unless the user explains how the components of the model map to the component parts of reality.
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