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Quick one about first steps in mathematical modelling of nuclear stuff

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    I am looking to get some good information sources on modelling nuclear power in power plants and related fields. Anyone got any good starting points ?

    P.S. Im a biomedical engineer looking into different fields.
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    What aspect are you interested in trying to model?

    Heat generation? Neutron flux? Radiation? Fuel? Coolant flow? What scale & accuracy are you interested in?
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    We have developed a web-based application for so-called burnup and depletion calculations in nuclear reactors. This is the webKORIGEN module in Nucleonica (www.nucleonica.net). You will have to register but access is free. With this simulation tool, you can be doing reactor simulations literally within minutes.

    Our objective in this development was to facilitate the input preparation, pre-processing, running, post-processing and to offer a fast graphical output generation for webKORIGEN users. WebKORIGEN supports calculations for a set of standardized problems, trimmed to three major classes of nuclear plants. The nuclear systems supported by webKORIGEN are: the thermal power plants deployed worldwide as Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR) and Boiling Water Reactors (BWR) and a future extension to the current industrial technology : the European Fast Reactor (EFR).

    Maybe this is the tool you are looking for.
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