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Randono cashes in on Derek Wise' work

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    Randono new perspective on covariant canonical QG

    I was wrong about the title.
    Took a second look. He does not seem to make much use of the earlier paper by Derek Wise
    A New Perspective on Covariant Canonical Gravity
    Andrew Randono
    25 pages
    (Submitted on 20 May 2008)

    "We present a new approach to the covariant canonical formulation of Einstein-Cartan gravity that preserves the full Lorentz group as the local gauge group. The method exploits lessons learned from gravity in 2+1 dimensions regarding the relation between gravity and a general gauge theory. The dynamical variables are simply the frame field and the spin-connection pulled-back to the hypersurface, thereby eliminating the need for simplicity constraints on the momenta. A consequence of this is a degenerate (pre)symplectic form, which appears to be a necessary feature of the Einstein-Cartan formulation. A new feature unique to this approach arises when the constraint algebra is computed: the algebra is a deformation of the de Sitter, anti-de Sitter, or Poincaré algebra (depending on the value of the cosmological constant) with the deformation parameter being the conformal Weyl tensor."

    Can someone help me understand what Randono accomplishes in this paper? My first take on it (which caused me to start a thread for discussion) was wrong. However the paper may still be worth discussing.
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