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Re: just an idea about quotes?

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    This is an idea I've seen from other forums, so I know it's possible to do it via VB code and wondered if their are any plans to do something like it here?

    Is it possible to set up a page that tells you who quoted you, so that you can respond to any questions from people more easily, and have a quick at your finger tip guide to who's discussing stuff, with you in mind? Feel free to smear me in honey and set fire to me. Just thought it was a really useful feature?
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    Most of the time when you've been quoted it'll be in a thread you've posted in. I always keep track of those by subscribing to them, then you can view your subscribed threads. I think I've been quoted only twice in threads I've never posted in as far as I know.
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    Indeed, but 'I find having both easier. Helps me keep track of who's replied to me specifically and prioritise. Anyway I think there are some add ons out there for VB that do it, not sure?
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    Is there any interest in this, if not might as well close this thread. Thanks anyway was just an idea.
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