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Re: Special and General Relativity papers

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    The internet is an absolute nightmare for finding papers, particularly ones that are so old the author has died and the copyright has expired.

    Anyone got a link to Einsteins 3 papers

    And also his paper on special and general relativity. Apparently I can buy it for $x, but since it should be free and my search engine can't find a free source I'm asking here?
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    That's fantastic thanks guys.

    Is not even the free, free any more :rolleyes: :tongue2:

    Oddly though the pdf format is blank for me? I can read it on line but would rather print it out or save it.

    And I don't speak German I'm afraid, is there an English translation on that site Robphy?

    Oh never mind I downloaded the Microsoft ebook reader this works fine. Strange about the pdf?
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    Both PDF files work, the one from MIT only takes some time to load. However, it is just the ones online that has all of the original(?) images.
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