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Realistic Combat in Movies?

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    I have a silly habit of dissecting events in movies way too much. I just can't stand that in every movie I watch, the protagonist is pitted against all odds, and then comes out on top because... the protagonist has to win? Or the good guy stands in the plainest possible view of enemy fire and shoots his guns hoping that nothing hits him, and surely nothing ever does.

    Can anyone recommend some movies where you can see some strategic depth being played out, rather than just a predictable cop-out?
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    The only one I can think of is Chinatown. The protagonist gets his nose cut by a thug within the first half hour and spends the rest of the film with a big bandage on it. He's also more or less ultimately defeated. Despite that, it succeeds in being a powerful, engrossing movie.

    Bruce Willis seems to get the crap beaten out of him quite a bit in his action movies while ultimately prevailing. Still, if they were realistic, he'd have been killed, not just distressed.
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    Realism in Movies. What a concept.

    This is realism, endless hours of waiting that stretch into days, weeks, and months with moments of sheer terror. People doing anything to keep your sanity.

    Apocalypse Now, that's realism.
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    The Spongebob Squarepants Movie.
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    Give me a break. The cartoon character is nothing like the real Spongebob Squarepants. I think the combat scene in this movie short is a realistic depiction of how the actual confrontation would have played out.

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    Saving Private Ryan.
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    Requiem for a Dream is realistic and has good music. It should satisfy your conditions for main characters. Very depressing. No combat though.

    Edit: Thanks for posting the bambii vs godzilla video. My dad saw that video in college and mentioned it at the dinner table. I sent him the link.
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    I recently learned that Bambi was banned by the Nazis as anti-fascist.
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    Great movie but way too much talking in the field.
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