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Recommended math for 1st class in quantum

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    Hello everyone. I am getting ready to take quantum mechanics in the fall and I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for a math class I can take over the summer that could help prepare me for quantum. Thanks for any advice
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    George Jones

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    What math classes have you already taken?

    Do you know which text is going to be used for the course?
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    I have taken calc 1,2,3 and diff equations and I am now in a mathematical methods for sciences class that touches on a lot. I am not sure which text will be used.
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    George Jones

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    What about linear algebra?
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    I haven't taken linear algebra yet. Would this be a good class to take?
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    Find out what text will be used and get it....or get a copy of the one most recently used texts.....much better to study the text than guess at what underlying math might be helpful....
    Are there math prerequisites provided in course listings??
    OR ask a prof what math is recommended....
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    Many intro QM books/courses introduce the appropriate linear-algebra concepts as they come up in the QM material. In that case it's not absolutely necessary to have taken linear algebra beforehand. However, it's definitely helpful, because then you have fewer new concepts to wrap your mind around all at once.

    When I was an undergrad, my first QM course introduced the linear algebra as part of the course, but I had already taken linear algebra anyway. I thought it was really cool to see how the stuff I had learned in linear algebra class, which was basically vector and matrix oriented, reappeared in a completely different context in QM.
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    Thanks for the recommendations. I am looking for a summer math class that can count as a higher level math class that can help with quantum and it sounds like it is linear algebra. Thanks again for the input!!
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