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A social class is a set of concepts in the social sciences and political theory centered on models of social stratification which occurs in class society, in which people are grouped into a set of hierarchical social categories, the most common being the upper, middle and lower classes. Membership in a social class can for example be dependent on education, wealth, occupation, income, and belonging to a particular subculture or social network."Class" is a subject of analysis for sociologists, political scientists, anthropologists and social historians. However, there is not a consensus on a definition of "class" and the term has a wide range of sometimes conflicting meanings. Some people argue that due to social mobility, class boundaries do not exist. In common parlance, the term "social class" is usually synonymous with "socio-economic class", defined as "people having the same social, economic, cultural, political or educational status", e.g., "the working class"; "an emerging professional class". However, academics distinguish social class and socioeconomic status, using the former to refer to one's relatively stable sociocultural background and the latter to refer to one's current social and economic situation which is consequently more changeable over time.The precise measurements of what determines social class in society have varied over time. Karl Marx thought "class" was defined by one's relationship to the means of production (their relations of production). His understanding of classes in modern capitalist society is that the proletariat work but do not own the means of production, and the bourgeoisie, those who invest and live off the surplus generated by the proletariat's operation of the means of production, do not work at all. This contrasts with the view of the sociologist Max Weber, who argued "class" is determined by economic position, in contrast to "social status" or "Stand" which is determined by social prestige rather than simply just relations of production. The term "class" is etymologically derived from the Latin classis, which was used by census takers to categorize citizens by wealth in order to determine military service obligations.In the late 18th century, the term "class" began to replace classifications such as estates, rank and orders as the primary means of organizing society into hierarchical divisions. This corresponded to a general decrease in significance ascribed to hereditary characteristics and increase in the significance of wealth and income as indicators of position in the social hierarchy.

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  1. jv07cs

    Courses Should I withdraw from a class?

    I am currently in the beginning of my Junior year as a physics major. This semester I am taking Electromagnetic Theory A, Mathematical Physics A, Mathematical Physics B and a special topics course (which consists of some minicourses and seminars on a range of topics in theoretical and...
  2. V

    I am Jee Aspirant in class 12, hoping for doubt solve

    Hoping for Doubt Solving.
  3. Intel Xeon

    I Class debate: Everything we see is a result of reflected light

    Everything we see is a result of reflected light. True or False We had an all out war over this question. The question is not as easy as it seems. There are many valid arguments. It would be interesting to see any opinion or contribution to this argument.
  4. DioMiner

    Why does this not work? Projectile Motion problem for Dynamics Class

    TL;DR Summary: I want to mainly figure out where in the problem solving I went wrong. I understand the correct answer (since I looked it up), but to me, it does not make any sense. I am honestly stumped at this point. Online solutions say that my equation y = 0.5774x-0.003354x^2 should...
  5. C

    Problems with Real Analysis class

    Hi. I'm nearing retirement so I thought I would take some math classes. This fall I took a Real Analysis class at a good school and dropped it because I did so bad on the first exam. I did great on the homework and quizzes. I also took Real Analysis about 47 years ago at a very good school...
  6. CPW

    Musing on which element discussed most in physics class

    My child is learning the periodic table for science class, memorizing elements 1 - 20. Middle school. While I assisted, I mused on the elements and on which are discussed most in physics classes. Here is my ranking of the top three: 1. Z=1 2. Z=2 3. Z=92 Do you agree?
  7. benorin

    Maple May I legally obtain a student license of Maple if I’m auditing class?

    May I legally obtain a student license of Maple if I’m merely auditing a class? Need it be a STEM course? I tried google and Waterloo did not spell out the case of auditing.
  8. R

    Comp Sci Unfamiliar Compilation Errors In a Linked List Class (C++)

    Hi all. I'm working on my final project for a class. The assignment is to have a linked list of personal records, and then do some things with it. Right now I'm working on the linked list class "List.h". I've implemented a Person class "Person.h" as a composition of 3 subclasses "Address.h"...
  9. A

    B What Math Class Teaches us how to Draw a Graph?

    What math the drawing a graph, for example: y = x^2, is taught? Is it algebra, calculus, or any other else? Thanks
  10. plin092

    B What is the oldest of each class of star?

    Hello! I would appreciate it if anyone could help me figure this out. I’ve been struggling to find info on my own but so far nothing’s turned up. I am a little confused on the timeline of the generations of stars. I know that our sun is considered an early Population I star. However, I could...
  11. T

    Physicists Debate: Hardest Upper Division Subject to Teach

    I wanted your thoughts on something. What, in your opinion, is the hardest upper division subject in physics to teach? Not necessarily the most difficult to learn, but to teach?
  12. Pipsqueakalchemist

    I hate my vibration class (vent)

    I legit absolutely despise this class. I did all the homework but still did trash on both the first 2 term test. There’s 1 million equations and I don’t even know what graph represents what. Professor doesn’t do any examples and gives homework problem that barely help. I don’t even want to...
  13. hackerbot4545

    Testing What are effective ways to predict exam questions from class lectures?

    What are effective ways to predict exam questions from class lectures in university exams? How do I understand the mindset of the lecturer & find out important topics/questions he may give in the exam? So I have semester exams nearby. The syllabus is huge & I don't have enough time to study...
  14. M

    How can we define the __mult__ method to return a Complex object?

    Hey! 😊 Construct a class named Vector that expresses the meaning of the vector of numbers. The initialization function, __init__ will take as a argument a tuple corresponding to the vector. This tuple will be stored in the variable named coord. Also, __init__ will calculate the Euclidean...
  15. M

    How do we properly set and get instance variables in a class?

    Hey! :giggle: Construct a class named Student which when initializing its objects has the following variables : - first_name (string) - last_name (string) - email (string) The class should also support the following functions implemented as functions (methods): - set_id_number: set a...
  16. P

    Video lecture demonstrations for an online class

    I'm looking for a collection of physics video demonstrations (open sourced or licensed) for an online calculus-based class at the level of Halliday, Resnick, Walker textbook, covering EM waves, optics, special relativity, intro to quantum, and so on, basically the last third of the textbook. I...
  17. Leo Liu

    I [Congruence class] Proof of modular arithmetic theorem

    Could someone explain why ##[a][x_0]=[c]\iff ax_0\equiv c\, (mod\, m)##? My instructor said it came from the definition of congruence class. But I am not convinced.
  18. M

    Reduction of Order Problem for Differential Equations Class

    Problem statement: Second order linear differential equation in standard from Reasoning:
  19. C

    Accessing class variables from .hpp file in the .cpp file

    Hi all, simple question but I cannot understand what is going wrong. I have a CLASS.hpp file of the form class CLASS { private: double varA = 5.; //some numerical value public: double func(double z); }; and then in the CLASS.cpp file I have a call to this function func()...
  20. unknown5174

    Building a mousetrap car for my engineering class -- Help please

    Summary:: My back wheel spins when in the air, but won't when on the ground, help! My car has two four inch wood wheels on the front and a 12 inch wood wheel on the back, they are securely attached to the axel and I have 1/2 inch ball bearings to connect the axel to the frame. My lever arm is...
  21. C

    Most Fundamental or Important Class for Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering

    Summary:: I am looking to take a engineering classes relevant to mechanical and or aerospace engineering. I am challenging my assumption that Statics & Dynamics is the most important and foundational/fundamental course to either mechanical or aerospace engineering (maybe fluid dynamics for...
  22. S

    Classical Waves books -- Looking for better textbooks to augment my class materials

    Are there any good textbooks about waves? Like Pain or French except written competently, devoid of mistakes and logical even axiomatic. Ambitious with strong math. Can be old. We were recommended to read Pain but that book is a joke and French is just a simplified version thereof. Problems are...
  23. T

    A Differential Geometry Class: Suggestions Welcome

    Can anyone recommend a good on-line class for differential geometry? I'd like to start studying GR but want a good background in differential geometry before doing so. Many thanks.
  24. A

    Other Got a C- (63-66%) In a MATH class. Should I retake it?

    I'm in a physics program going onto my final year of study. My cGPA is currently 4.01 (on a 4.3 scale) however during my second year, I took an upper year math class on Graph Theory and performed very poorly in it, I got a C- (roughly 63-66%). I'm hoping to apply to graduate schools come next...
  25. A

    MHB What percentage of the class scored between a 67% and an 83%

    The exam scores for a particularly difficult math test had a mean score of 75% with a standard deviation of 8%. Approximately what percentage of the class scored between a 67% and an 83%.
  26. f95toli

    Set subnet mask to allow connections to two different class c networks

    These days most measurement instruments in m,y lab are controlled via an ethernet connection. In my lab the PCs that control the experiments therefore have two network cards: one is used of "normal" internet/intranet access the other is set to static IP address (typically 192.168.0.x) and is...
  27. Astronuc

    News Railroad: Big 4 Class I's (UP, BNSF, CSX, NS) accused of price-fixing

    https://journalstar.com/business/local/judge-says-railroad-talks-should-be-included-in-lawsuits/article_ca625906-790f-543e-b568-2e9d26d35a1d.html I've been wondering about this for some time. I'm puzzled by the decision of an appellate judge ruling last year that the case didn't qualify for...
  28. M

    LaTeX Delete \entry Field in Resume Template: CurVe cv class

    Referencing this resume template, do you know how to delete the \entry field (dates) within the rubric (so that the text will align left without indentation)? I only want this for one rubric, but am unsure how to do this. Thanks so much!
  29. Y

    C/C++ Question in throwing a class object as exception in C++

    This is a program from Gaddis that has two exception classes inside the Rect class. It is not clear for me how it works. Ivor book declares the exception classes as individual class, not inside another class. So I cannot compare and see what I missed in Gaddis book. Here is the program right out...
  30. karush

    MHB Using Google forms for 307 class

    ok I am having a problem with getting permission to open up this 307 homework assignment i am logged into my Google account but can't seem to open the form here im sure here are using Google forms with the Google classroom app the class actually starts on jan 11 at UH west mahalo much
  31. Y

    Question on base class access spec. and constructor

    I studied about 20 pages, I understand the base class access specification as shown; My question is why is it necessary to have private and protected base class access specification? If z is public in Base class, other programs can access z directly regardless the Derived class say it's private...
  32. F

    Simulate a Chopper of Class A circuit in MATLAB Simulink

    I tried to simulate the circuit but I got unreliable results. Here's what I got when I set the duty cycle to be 20%: Stop Time = 0.02 The efficiency is more than100%. Here's the parameters: Could someone please let me where is my mistake?
  33. F

    Engineering Simulating the movement pattern of an elevator using a class D chopper

    The question: Here's my attempt: However, I got stuck, I don't know what should be connected to the gate of the switches as the duty cycle changes in each case. Should I insert a pulse generator with 0.5% duty cycle for the 1st case, another pulse generator with a duty cycle > 50% (for...
  34. T

    In what class does one typically learn that atoms emit EM radiation?

    I took Inorganic Chemistry I and Physics in high school. I took Inorganic Chemistry I and about half of Inorganic Chemistry II (dropped out mid-semster of Inorganic Chemistry II) in college. My Physics class in high school was just regular physics, not AP Physics, so I have never taken a...
  35. Arman777

    Python How to Inherit an attribute from another class without using subclass

    I am pretty new to OOP in python, and just for fun, I have created a program that distincts an admin from the user. class User(): def __init__(self, first_name, last_name, gender, age, country): """ Description of the user """...
  36. A

    Comp Sci Learning C++: Fixing Class & Vector Error

    I am now learning C ++ and trying to learn class and vector. I'm trying to write code, but I got an error. this is my class and enum class: enum class state: char{ empty='.', filled_with_x='x', filled_with_o='o'}; class class1{ private: class class2{ class2()...
  37. Nick tringali

    Research ideas for my Neurobiology class -- All Input Wanted Please

    For my neurobiology class, my partners and I are expected to design an experiment of anything we would like to do. Here is what we have thus far: In class (Lab) we did a neuron culture by taking the forebrain from a chick egg. We did some processes and our objective was to culture it. Forgive me...
  38. S

    Construction "Class" fire ratings vs hour fire ratings

    Do (USA) fire ratings for wall coverings (Class A,B,C) relate to fire ratings given in hours for materials like drywall? I'm particularly interested in how ornamental ceiling tiles that have a "class A" fire rating ( e.g. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00319FP8Y/?tag=pfamazon01-20 ) affect the fire...
  39. Viona

    B Which Cleanroom ISO Class is suitable for Liquid Crystal research?

    I was wondering which cleanroom ISO class is suitable for liquid crystal research?
  40. TechieDork

    Studying How can I deal with a class that moves EXTREMELY fast?

    I'm taking an E/M II class this semester and this class is well known for how fast the class moves. It's lightning fast. The professor literally crams 2 hours worth of materials in 50 minutes. The information flow rate is insane just like drinking from a proverbial firehose. Sometime...
  41. brainbaby

    Using a low voltage supply in a class B amplifier

    Hi, friends, I have two queries. I read somewhere that 1. In class B mode higher plate efficiency (tube amp) permits the use of smaller power supplies...and 2.For low level signals a low voltage supply is used, but as the signal level increases, so a high voltage supply is utilised. Q1. what...
  42. F

    Is the Monotone Class Theorem Applicable to the Borel Sets?

    Proof: Let ##A, B \in \mathcal{O}## and ##x \in A \cap B##. Then there exists ##\varepsilon_A, \varepsilon_B > 0## such that ##B_{\varepsilon_A}(x) \subset A## and ##B_{\varepsilon_B}(x) \subset B##. Let ##\varepsilon = \min\lbrace\varepsilon_A, \varepsilon_B\rbrace##. Then ##B_\varepsilon(x)...
  43. paulmdrdo

    Transformer Coupled Class A amplifier Single supply

    How can Vce vary from 0 to 2Vcc? In class, I learned that it was due to Lenz Law working in the transformer and a voltage of Vcc being induced to reverse the change in Ic. However, I cannot picture this. Can someone please explain with a diagram of how this comes about in the transformer windings.
  44. TechieDork

    What was the most intellectually stimulating class you have ever taken?

    I'm a 2nd year Physics major.Today I'm completely mindblown how nature can be so interconnected and explainable with just short and simple mathmeatical equations. And here this is my experience... This course is called Waves and Vibrations. It is well known for its difficulty in...
  45. G

    Courses Should I Take a PDE Class for Grad School Admissions?

    I am a junior physics major trying to decide if I should squeeze in a (extra) PDE class in my semester which is not required for my degree but obviously can be useful. Though I am only taking 3 (all technical) classes otherwise, I should be quite occupied with GREs and research. Is it worth...
  46. S

    I Which class of functions does 1/x belong to?

    For historical reasons the hyperbola always was considered to be one of the «classical» curves. The function, obviously, does not belong to C0. Apparently, is does not fit L2 or any other Lp? What is the smallest class?
  47. Aniruddha_Abir

    Other Where can I take online Physics exams (Bachelor's level) without class

    I self study Physics for a long time. But I have no academic certification. I want to take remote online exams for the following subjects and get my certified marksheet- 1. Atomic & Molecular Physics. 2. Quantum Mechanics-I. 3. Computer Fundamentals and Numerical Analysis. 4. Electronics-I. 5...
  48. T

    A How far can one change a model before it leaves the universality class

    Usually, critical phenomena can be categorized in some kind of universality class which determines the critical exponent. A typical example is the class of the Ising model; adding a next-nearest-neighbour hopping term does not change the critical behavior. The typical explanation is that the...
  49. Manasan3010

    Abbreviation of 1D03 in physics class list

    What is the abbreviation and meaning of terms like 1D03 and 1E03 in physics context? Reference Url - 1