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A Reference on Sudakov form factors

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    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to get familiar with some of the terminology and concepts recurring more or less everywhere in LHC phenomenology. In particular, something that is troubling me a bit is the concept of sudakov form factors, which I don’t find explained anywhere in an understandable way. Connected to these, come continuously the concepts of twists, leading and subleading twists of operators etc.

    I know what a sudakov log is in QED, but that’s it, I have the feeling there is an extreme simplicity that is hidden beyond and infinite amound of unintelligible nomenclature, which seems not to be explained anywhere cnsistently. Can anyone point me to some decent references not written just for people that already know what they are talking about?

    Thanks a lot :)
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    George Jones

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    I know nothing about these things, and, consequently, and I do not know if the following reference is useful.

    The book "Quantum Field Theory and the Standard Model" by Matthew Schwartz has brief treatments of Sudakov factors in section 32.3 "Parton showers", and of twists in section 32.4.3 "Operator product expansion for DIS".

    I have read some of the early chapters of Schwartz, and I like what I have seen.
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