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In economics, factors of production, resources, or inputs are what is used in the production process to produce output—that is, finished goods and services. The utilized amounts of the various inputs determine the quantity of output according to the relationship called the production function. There are four basic resources or factors of production: land, labour, capital and entrepreneur (or enterprise). The factors are also frequently labeled "producer goods or services" to distinguish them from the goods or services purchased by consumers, which are frequently labeled "consumer goods".
There are two types of factors: primary and secondary. The previously mentioned primary factors are land, labour and capital. Materials and energy are considered secondary factors in classical economics because they are obtained from land, labour, and capital. The primary factors facilitate production but neither becomes part of the product (as with raw materials) nor becomes significantly transformed by the production process (as with fuel used to power machinery). Land includes not only the site of production but also natural resources above or below the soil. Recent usage has distinguished human capital (the stock of knowledge in the labor force) from labor. Entrepreneurship is also sometimes considered a factor of production. Sometimes the overall state of technology is described as a factor of production. The number and definition of factors vary, depending on theoretical purpose, empirical emphasis, or school of economics.

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  1. Delta2

    How Does Integration by Factors Relate to the Product Rule and FTC?

    I tried to prove this but I fall into a loop when I try to apply integration by factors, that is I prove that the integral is equal to itself. Any helpfull tips?
  2. Y

    A Experimental nucleon form factors from electron-nucleus scattering

    I am looking for experimental nucleon form factors from electron-nucleus scattering. Is there any compliations or tables? In 'The proton charge radius ', H. Gao and M. Vanderhaeghen, Rev. Mod. Phys. 94, 015002 (2022), p. 24, there is 'world data on the proton and also the neutron'. In 'Form...
  3. R

    I Vacuum force factors (vacuum created by a "flow through" liquid)

    Greetings all, I'm new here and hope I'm asking this in the correct thread. So, the question is; where you have a vacuum created by a "flow through" liquid witin a large diameter container exerting suction force upon a smaller diameter input tube submerged in a liquid, does the surface area of...
  4. M

    Which factors of a PC determine the opening time of a program and a large file

    Hello. Would you please explain the factors that determines the opening time of a program or a big file. For example if you have a large excel file, why would you have a difficulty to open it, if it is very large? If it is in your PC's main storage, that is either HDD or SDD, is it reading...
  5. chwala

    Use Remainder theorem to find factors of ##(a-b)^3+(b-c)^3+(c-a)^3##

    My first approach; ##(a-b)^3+(b-c)^3+(c-a)^3=a^3-3a^2b+3ab^2-b^3+b^3-3b^2c+3bc^2-c^3+c^3-3c^2a+3ca^2-a^3## ##=-3a^2b+3ab^2-3b^2c+3bc^2-3c^2a+3ca^2## what i did next was to add and subtract ##3abc## ...just by checking the terms ( I did not use...
  6. A

    I Conversion factors derivation.

    Queries regarding MKS to CGS system for the following formulas. Force - Newton (MKS), Dynes (CGS) Work - Joule (MKS), Ergs (CGS) 1N = 10^5 dynes. 1J = 10^7 ergs. How the above unit conversion formulas are derived ?
  7. Astronuc

    Human factors, technology and deep space missions

    When a Mars Simulation Goes Wrong https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2018/06/mars-simulation-hi-seas-nasa-hawaii/553532/ The article came across my desk (computer screen). Human behavior is complicated. I'm more interested in the technical side of space travel, specifically the...
  8. L

    What factors determine wattage of electrons flowing through a wire?

    Preface: I am new to physics and am trying to learn on my own, though I hope to take a class soon. I looked for a forum for beginners but didn't see one, but this seemed to be the closest forum. So I hope I can get some help with my question here. If it is the wrong forum, feel free to...
  9. G

    What are the factors influencing Error Vector Magnitude (EVM)?

    Error Vector Magnitude is widely used in the telecommunication industry to assess the performance of the users. In the given formula, Sr(n) is the received symbol and St(n) is the ideal symbol. N is the total number of symbols received. I have a Multi-User MIMO system simulation where there are...
  10. karush

    MHB 5.t.11 find x for the imaginary factors

    $\textbf{5.t.11 }$ McKinley HS Find x for $f(x)=0 \quad 5+i\quad 5-i\quad $ $\begin{array}{rl} \textsf{factored} &f(x)=(x-1)[x-(5+i))(x-(5-i)]\\ \textsf{foil} &x^2-x(5+i)-x(5-i)+(5-i)^2\\ \textsf{expand} &x^2-5x-xi-5x+xi+25-2i+i^2 \\ \textsf{simplify}...
  11. F

    MHB Find the elementary divisors and invariant factors

    Hello I have problems with this exercise Find the elementary divisors and invariant factors of each of the following groups a) $G1= Z_6 \times Z_{12} \times Z_{18}$ , b) $G_2= Z_{10} \times Z_{20} \times Z_{30} \times Z_{40}$Thanks
  12. E

    A The vertex factors in QCD penguin operators

    Have a look at O5 & O6 in Eqtns(5.4) . Why is there a (V+A) ? (V+A) contains the projection operator which projects out the right Weyl from a Dirac spinor. As per the Feynman rules of electroweak theory, there is a (V-A) assigned to each (Dirac) spinor-W boson vertex because W only couple to...
  13. Monoxdifly

    MHB [ASK] Probability with Factors

    In a bag there are m white balls and n red balls with mn = 200 and there are more white balls than red balls. If two balls are taken randomly at once and the probability of taking two different colored balls is \frac{40}{87} then the value of 2m + 3n is ... A. 30 B. 45 C. 50 D. 70 E. 80 Okay...
  14. T

    Automotive Factors affecting compression spring oscillations

    Hi all, I'm studying the compression spring design issue that occurred in a machine design application. As illustrated below, spring is bouncing or oscillating after impact to a stopping surface (1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4) and eventually stop after few bounces. Ideal case for this application is to...
  15. diegzumillo

    I Average of prime factors growth

    Hi there, bored physicist here. I wondered about factorization so I made some plots and a model fit to satiate my curiosity, but it only made me more curious. Now I just want the answers! I didn't know which prefix to use. "Hobbyist" seemed more appropriate but we don't have that so I went with...
  16. A

    Forbidden beta decay form factors

    My idea was to consider first the structure of the matrix element and to see if there are any possible constraints that we could use for parametrization. If I am not mistaken, we are dealing with the hadronic decay governed by QCD which conserves parity. Since we have a derivative operator...
  17. T

    First Order Diffy Q Problem with Bernoulli/Integrating Factors

    I seem to be getting an unsolvable integral here (integral calculator says it's an Ei function, which I've never seen). My thought was to use Bernoulli to make it linear and then integrating factors. Is that wrong? The basic idea is below: P(x) 1, Q(x) = 1/2(1-1/x), n=-1, so use v=y^1-...
  18. Ntip

    Designing Balancing Resistors for Series Capacitors: Factors Affecting IR

    I am lookin designing balancing resistors for series capacitors and understand that I need to consider the leakage current from the capacitors. I am trying to determine factors that would case the insulation resistance to decrease over time so I can design around that.
  19. R

    Interference: Factors that reduce the widths of primary maxima

    The ranked order from most to least effectively reducing the widths of the primary maxima is: A>D=C>B. I know that doubling the wavelength of incident light will double the width (y) of the fringe. This means that doubling the frequency of incident light will reduce the fringe width (y) by half...
  20. NTL2009

    Automotive Design Factors for ICE Peak HP versus RPM?

    I'm thinking about the large (for the 1960's) farm tractors I drove, that produced lots of low end torque, and max RPM was ~ 1800 ~2200 (from memory). Are there certain design factors to maximize horsepower at these low RPMs, versus a common auto engine that might peak around 5,000-6,000 RPM...
  21. BiggestAfrica

    Determining the factors impacting the amount of Work done

    Apologies for my fairly undescriptive title, I'm having trouble coming up with a better one. I'm simply trying to verify whether my understanding of this problem is correct. 1. Pushing the oven up a ramp 4m long would require more force (my reasoning here is based on the results of a lab which...
  22. Kaushik

    Factors affecting surface tension

    I read the following two points: Temperature is indirectly proportional to surface tension. Adding impurities affect the surface tension of the molecules. Adding soluble impurities increases the surface tension whereas adding sparingly soluble impurity decreases the surface tension. Why...
  23. Fdtroya

    Which factors determine the power output of a permanent magnet alternator

    To be more precise the generator has to be able to produce around 1.5 Watts from a person spinning its axis, which is why I was thinking of putting a gearbox in my design but I need to know how much Torque would it take to spin the axis and at what rpm would the generator be effective.
  24. MathematicalPhysicist

    A A derivation in Stoner's "The Demagnetizing Factors for Ellipsoids"

    In the attachment in eq. (1.6) I don't understand why is ##H-B = B/(1-D)##? Where does this relation come from?
  25. R

    Factors Promoting Life on Earth

    I seek recommendations and testimonials for books that enumerate the unique factors of the Earth-Moon system that gave rise to life on our planet, its place in the solar system, and the solar system's place in the Milky Way galaxy. If you have read any books on that topic, I would appreciate...
  26. Greg Bernhardt

    B What is the Conversion Factor for Hectacomb Sacrifices?

    Contact me to add more! Let's build a master list! To change To Multiply by acres hectares .4047 acres square feet 43,560 acres square miles .001562 atmospheres cms. of mercury 76 Btu/hour horsepower .0003930 Btu kilowatt-hour .0002931 Btu/hour watts .2931...
  27. A

    B Factors contributing to the atomic mass of an atom

    I was studying about atomic masses and realized that even if we say that the atomic mass unit corresponds to 1/12 of the mass of a carbon atom. why is it that even particular isotopes of elements have atomic mass in decimal values. 1/12 of a carbon atoms mass should equal to the mass of a...
  28. M

    Prime factors of a unique form in the each term a sequence?

    This is no homework. I have come across a conjecture in a book called The art of the infinite:the pleasures of mathematics. I want to understand how to prove it. Homework Statement Consider a 3-rhythm starting with 2: ## 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17...## The each number in this sequenc has the form...
  29. karush

    MHB What is the determinant of the identity matrix in a larger matrix?

    Suppose A is a $5\times5$ matrix such that det(A)=2. Let $$E=\left[\begin{array}{c}0 & 1 & 0 & 0 & 0 \\ 1 & 0 & 0 & 0 & 0 \\ 0 & 0 & 1 & 0 & 0 \\ 0 & 0 & 0 & 1 & 0 \\ 0 & 0 & 0 & 0 & 1 \\ \end{array}\right]$$ then $\left[\begin{array}{c}0 & 1 & 0 & 0 & 0 \\ 1 & 0 & 0 & 0 & 0 \\ 0 & 0 & 1 & 0 &...
  30. iVenky

    I Why high Q factors have low phase noise

    If we define Q factor as 2*pi* energy stored/ energy dissipated per cycle, what's the physical insight behind obtaining low phase noise for oscillators when we have high Q factors? (I know the mathematical derivation based on finding the frequency profile of an oscillator (like LC oscillator)...
  31. GlassBones

    Prime factors of odd composites

    Homework Statement Let ##n## be odd and a composite number, prove that all of its prime is at most ##\frac{n}{3} ## Homework Equations Some theorems might help? Any ##n>1## must have a prime factor if n is composite then there is a prime ##p<√n## such that ##p|n## The Attempt at a Solution...
  32. M

    Prime Factors Bounds in a Recurrence

    Let $$g(n)$$ be the numerators of the elements of the recursion $$i(n)=i(n-1)+\frac{1}{i(n-1)}$$ when they are expressed in simplest form, with $$i(0)=1$$. Let $$p$$ be the smallest prime factor of $$g(m)$$. Show that $$p>4m-4$$.Homework Equations Euler's Theorem? The Attempt at a Solution OEIS...
  33. Michael Santos

    Related rates & unknown factors

    Homework Statement Your blowing up a balloon at a rate of 300 cubic inches per minute. When the balloon's radius is 3 inches, how fast is the radius increasing? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I know the answer to this question. It is approximately 2.65 inches per minute, what my...
  34. Frankenstein19

    What factors affect enthelpy of fusion?

    Homework Statement What factors affect enthalpy of fusion? Also, does structure affect enthalpy of fusion?
  35. 1

    Solving an ODE by the method of Integrating Factors

    1. y' + y = x y2/32. The problem states we need to solve this ODE by using the method of integrating factors. Every example I found on the internet involving this method was of the form: y' + Py = Q Where P and Q are functions of x only. In the problem I was given however, Q is a function of...
  36. M

    MHB Irreducible factors of polynomial

    Hey! :o Let $K$ be a normal extension of $F$ and $f\in F[x]$ be irreducible over $F$. Let $g_1, g_2$ be irreducible factors of $f$ in the ring $K[x]$. Show that there exists $\sigma \in G(K/F)$ such that $g_2=\sigma (g_1)$. If $f$ is reducible over $K$, show that all its irreducible...
  37. H

    Factors affecting the efficency of water aspirators

    Is the maximum attainable vacuum from a water aspirator directly proportional to the pressure being forced through the tube of the aspirator? Are there any factors other than water temperature that will affect the vacuum performance of an aspirator? My idea goes like this, I've got an...
  38. Z

    Find the factors of an equation

    Homework Statement I have following eq: (x)^3 -12(x) -16=0 How to find x-4 a factor of this eq. This means we have: (x-4) (x^2 + 4x +4) =0I don’t know how to get the above. Homework Equations (x)^3 -12(x) -16=0 The Attempt at a Solution I can't go beyond that: (x)^3 -12(x) -16=0 X(x^2...
  39. arpon

    I Form factors and Interaction term of the Action

    Consider, two fields interact with each other and the interaction term of the action is given. Now the Lagrangian density is Fourier transformed and the interaction term of the action is expressed as an integral over the momentum space. How is the integrand related to the form factor?
  40. DuckAmuck

    A The Last Occurrence of any Greatest Prime Factor

    If you have 2 integers n and n+1, it is easy to show that they have no shared prime factors. For example: the prime factors of 9 are (3,3), and the prime factors of 10 are (2,5). Now if we consider 9 and 10 as a pair, we can collect all their prime factors (2,3,3,5) and find the maximum, which...
  41. G

    What factors affect the efficiency of a DC motor?

    Hi forum, I've been thinking about efficiency factors, I've read that they are more efficient at higher loads? I was wondering why this is... On the one hand at higher loads (maybe lifting a heavier mass) the rotation rate is reduced so this reduces energy losses due to friction? (so goes with...
  42. Philip Koeck

    A Why is the partition for Fermions a sum of Boltzman factors?

    The partition function should essentially be the sum of probabilities of being in various states, I believe. Why is it then the sum of Boltzmann factors even for fermions and bosons? I've never seen a good motivation for this in literature.
  43. M

    A Pressure in the proton, from gravitational form factors?

    A paper in Nature is getting some press, for having calculated "the pressure distribution inside the proton". But the theory behind the calculation seems a little odd. Apparently the data pertains to the scattering of an electron from a quark via the exchange of two photons. But each photon...
  44. D

    I In quantum statistics, inhibition/enhancement factors

    These ideas come from the book Quantum Physics by Eisberg and Resnick (specifically ch11), can anyone explain what the inhibition factor and enhancement factors are in a little more detail? I do not understand what the book is trying to explain, and I can't seem to find these anywhere online...
  45. K

    Disassembling a product to it's factors

    Homework Statement In a physics problem where V is the volume i have ##\displaystyle~3V-\frac{3}{4}V~##. i get 2 different answers when i calculate. Homework Equations $$a(b-c)=ab-ac$$ The Attempt at a Solution I can: $$3V-\frac{3}{4}V=3\left( 1-\frac{1}{4} \right)V=3\frac{3}{4}V$$ And if i...