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"Refrain from Discussing Mathematics"

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    George Jones

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    Sign at a deli in Connecticut: "Please refrain from discussing mathematics while waiting in line."

    To hear the story, start listening at 13:40 of the audio file

    I heard this on the CBC program "As It Happens" while driving my daughter to soccer last night.
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    The earlier stories are interesting too. A funny viral story.

    Reminds me of the soup nazi story from Seinfeld without the soup nazi.
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    The jokes were funny too.

    Don't drink and derive.

    Let L be a group. No G is a group and L is a line....

    Also mentioned the mathoverflow.net website where graduate level math problems are discussed.
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    ... and me on an occasion in which "Differentiation and Integration" as a book's title granted us a (from economy students) emptied table at a crowded deli, where we first took place at their table. Duration: est. 7 min.
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    Didn't listen to it yet, but as an engineer I can sympathize.
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