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Regarding topics for thesis in Quantum Mechanics(for MS phy)

  1. Apr 18, 2015 #1
    I have my thesis for Masters in Physics next academic year. I was thinking that for my thesis maybe i could solve a bunch of some new problems in quantum mechanics. I would be highly grateful if you people could suggest some problems to me.

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    1) Quantum mechanics is a very broad field. I'm afraid you need to be more specific

    2) This is really not something you should ask an internet forum. Rather you should be discussing this with an advisor.

    3) Unless my experience is completely nonrepresentative (which is certainly possible!), then solving a bunch of new problems is not really the point of a masters thesis. The point is to choose a narrow topic and to investigate it quite deeply. If you happen to solve some problem during this, then good. But the goal of a masters thesis is not to solve problems, rather than to get acquainted with a new topic.
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