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Remake of the New Trek in Ape Fashion

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    After reading and article Trek goes Ape over....I had the idea of having the new Trek crew travel through a wormhole that placed them in an alternative timeline where instead of them being humans they were instead Apes like we see in the Planet of the Apes. In fact all humans in Starfleet have been made slaves just like in the Ape movies with the Apes actually operating Starships and conducting away missions just like their human counterparts did. The Trek crew would not only have to stop an armada of Ape Starships from going through the wormhole into the other alternative time line they would also have to avoid being captured by the Apes once it was learned that they were human lovers after trying to free a colony of humans located on a dilithium mining training camp.
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    Interesting idea!
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    I sort of like it, in principle. Your only concern should be which studio sues you first...
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    interesting idea!
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    Oh, you couldn't be sued as long as you didn't use words like Starfleet.
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