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Remote Desktop Connection bandwidth usage?

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    Is the remote desktop client in windows really bandwidth intensive?

    We get roughly 16mb/s down and 1mb/s up even at fairly peak times, however as soon as dad goes on his laptop to use his desktop computer back at the office the internet becomes horribly slow, it doesn't seem to be a speed issue more just like the connection has tonnes of latency?

    I presume the desktop connection is eating through most of the availible bandwidth which is why the speed is still ok but its still laggy?

    Would upgrading to fibre optic broadband maybe help? (My dads ISP contract is up in a couple of months) Or any settings on the router or desktop connection client that would help?
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    Here's some relevant information for you to read up on

    Something else must be going on. I would imagine that a 16mbps connection should be good enough for RDP. You'd be using a small fraction of that bandwidth. Try to use another Remote Desktop utility like VNC or something and see if you still have the same issue. Help narrow down if the issue was bandwidth or software.
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    RDC is a hog, but I remember using it just fine when I'd leave my computer on in the university dorms when I'd go home for break. That was a good ten years ago.
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    I don't think he can use other connection software as he has to connect to the server at the office first and then log into his desktop machine from the server.

    It maybe a general connection issue as it seems to be doing it intermittently even when theres only 1 PC connected to the network, it'll load up a bit of the page and then stop, load a bit more, stop again and then load a bit more?
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    You might try, just as a free comparison, the Google chrome remote desktop sharing.

    You need chrome on both ends, install the free add-on, start it on the destination, communicate the code number to the other end to type into the add-on there. The destination needs to confirm they want to keep this open every ten minutes.

    I used that to deal with a support problem where they had less than a megabit DSL on their end. I was really surprised how responsive it was. All you have to do is keep that chrome window open and keep confirming on the far end, everything else is just like you have control of the console. Maybe this would give you a speed and reliability comparison.

    There is supposed to be a completely different Google app that doesn't require the confirmation and the code, but every time I try to download that I get a page won't load. Maybe Google dropped that.
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