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Replace a Track roller bearing with a Sleeved Bush bearing

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    I have issue of continuous failure of Track roller because of excess loading.
    I am looking for bush bearing with bearing pressure with 150 to 200 MPa @ 0.144 m/sec sliding speed & Friction coefficient shall be max 0.1.
    I will install a sleeve on the bush bearing & use it as a roller .
    Can any one suggest an appropriate bearing ?

    I verified the catalogs of standard bearing manufacturers . The bearing pressure reduces drastically w.r.t sliding speed. The reason may be due to increased heat generation.
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    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for the info.

    I checked the catalogs . The required configurations ( dimensions ) is not available in the standard product range.
    I am looking for a replacement of a FARO make bearing 2.2149 with higher capacity (35 to 40 Tons).

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