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Replicating a 747-400 Wing Model

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    This is in reference to a senior design project I must do. I have to create a 747-400 wing model in PTC Parametric Creo 2.0. The problem is that other than the wingspan, wing area, and sweep angle, Boeing does not reveal other crucial information such as taper ratio in order to find the root chord and the tip chord. I understand these things are company secrets. However, I need suggestions as to how to find the chords at the root and at the tip if the taper ratio is not given. The model must closely resemble the real wing. This wing model will then be ran into a CFD simulation program to find the aerodynamic properties. Any suggestions/ideas would be much appreciated.

    Thank You
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    If all else fails, look for some good photographs and scale to get chord at the root and tip and then assume a linear variation in between.
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    VIEW SCHEMATIC_.jpg yeah.like he said
    scale down from given aircraft . 2D drawings...idid it many times in cllge year. Using Catia and it came out great.
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