Report on dimension on the governing equation help

In summary, the conversation is about a report that needs to be written on the topic of "Dimension on the Governing Equations for an Elastic Body with Main Solution Propopulated." The person asking for help is not familiar with the topic and is seeking guidance on what subtopics to include in their report. They mention concepts such as Euler-Bernoulli equations and small strain and displacement hypotheses. They also mention that they were not present in the lecture on this topic and are struggling to understand it. They are asking for assistance from someone who has knowledge on the subject.
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Report on "dimension on the governing equation.." help

Ciao all,

I am sorry for my stupid but I really need some help of someone who knows about structure mechanics.

I need to write an report on the topic that I myself don't understand it in normal English


( My teacher is an Italian so I could not understand quite well what he meant by this topic)

I have some thing want to ask somebody in this forum for the main issues that I need to write in my report?

What subtopic should I include in my report like

-Euler- Bernulli equations?
-beam under small strain, small displacement hypothesis?

Thank you very much!

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May be I must give some more clues so that some of you here can guess what it mean.

1) My lectures included Stress Tensor, Kinematic, Constitutive Relations, then this topic..
This topic I didnot attend class, I have only 2 my classmates ..Only 1 of them attend but she didnot make the note..So basically I lost what teacher spoke in the class.

2) Bad luck I was assigned to summarize this topic which I didnot attend and have no idea what the hell it is or should be..

Could somebody here please help? I will definitely thank in advanced.

1. What is the governing equation?

The governing equation is a mathematical representation of the relationship between the independent and dependent variables in a system. It describes how the system behaves and allows for the prediction of future states.

2. What does dimension refer to in the governing equation?

Dimension refers to the physical units or quantities that are included in the governing equation. These could be length, time, mass, temperature, etc. Dimensional analysis is often used to check the consistency and accuracy of the governing equation.

3. Why is it important to report on dimension in the governing equation?

Reporting on dimension in the governing equation is important because it ensures the equation is physically meaningful and accurately represents the system. Additionally, it allows for easier comparison and validation of the equation with experimental data.

4. How can dimension be incorporated into the governing equation?

Dimension can be incorporated into the governing equation through the use of dimensional analysis, where all variables are expressed in terms of their respective physical units. This can also be done by assigning appropriate dimensions to all terms in the equation.

5. Can the dimension of the governing equation change?

The dimension of the governing equation should not change, as it is a fundamental property of the equation. However, it is possible for the dimensions of individual terms to change if the variables they represent are changed or if the equation is manipulated through mathematical operations.

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