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Homework Help: Representation of the wave crests

  1. Aug 12, 2012 #1
    I've been trying to do the following question but I can't get the right answer. Also, I put in the wrong thread title but I dunno how to change it (sorry).

    An ambulance is at rest in a traffic jam in front of an intersection. At that moment, Jim is driving his car at 88.0 km/h through the intersection as shown in the diagram below. In the diagram, the angle θ = 59.0 °.

    What is the doppler shift (Δf = f′–f) heard in the siren sound by Jim, when Jim and the ambulance are positioned as shown on the diagram above? The answer is 0.229 kHZ.

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    Never mind. I got the answer. I was just calculating the wrong vector component. Thanks for looking, anyway.
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