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Homework Help: Representing instantaneous velocity vs time on a graph

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    I need to draw an instantaneous velocity vs time graph of an object moving at a constant velocity, provide an equation, and explain what it all means. I know that instantaneous velocity is typically shown as dx/dt (the derivative of change in position with respect to time and I know the unit of measurement would be meters/seconds) However, because it says to show velocity, I feel like I need to represent the displacement in terms of v instead of x yet in going online to see how it's shown, it had looked like v was the typical variable used. I also have to draw one for position vs time (average velocity) so I'm not sure the best to show it for the instantaeous velocity graph as I know velocity is typically shown when representing acceleration. Any input would be appreciated!
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    You might be over thinking the problem. The question says..

    How do you show


    on a graph of y vs t?
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