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Researching in-home care - Canada

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    I wish to do some research into private, in-home care for seniors here in Canada. Simply Googling it brings up all sorts of sites that would happily take money for their services; I'd like to find information that's a little more impartial.

    I'm expecting to find a range of options for in-home care, from a worker dropping by once-a-day to check on things, all the way to a live-in.

    Does anyone have any experience with this?
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    My grandmother did live in care for an elderly lady until she passed away. It was one of my friends grandmothers actually. She told me that the lady had spoken of many bad experiences with the 'big organization' care people. She had claimed that they didn't do their job properly and sometimes wouldn't even feed her... I'm not sure how accurate this opinion is or how well it portrays the all the companies that exist.
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    If you are looking for live-in, it is possible to find a perfect match if you are lucky. Some one needing a home situation and willing to be at hand for the home owner too. What level of care are you looking for? Companion to skilled care?
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    Mother and father are both mostly capable. And they are physically in pretty good shape (for 77 & 80). Father was a track & field teacher. Mother was a bulldozer.

    But they're having trouble with medications, and arranging appointments with all the specialists and ensuring they have nutritious meals. And we're worried that if someone falls, they may not be able to get help quickly.

    But they will not take kindly to a stranger in their house.

    There are five children, most of which are nearby, so lots of attention right now, but they can't keep up supervision forever.
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