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News Resistant Mutant Lice Spreading in U.S.

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    Lice populations in the states in pink have developed a high level of resistance to some of the most common treatments.(Image: Kyong Yoon, Ph.D.)

    Head lice are freaky enough as-is, but new research has discovered there’s a strain of mutant lice that is resistant to over-the-counter treatments — and they’re found in at least 25 U.S. states.

    Great...Also, aren't cockroaches resistant to nuclear bombs? I think I recall someone saying that after the U.S. a-bombed Japan that despite finding the death and destruction of so many things there that roaches had somehow survived it all.
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    An ounce of prevention ...
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    Horrible! I feel something pretty itchy crawling in my scalp while reading the news.
    Weeks ago I thought I had some head lice after 2 days without bathing, I combed my hair a lot and several sesame seeds fell down, I had been busy preparing some cakes.
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