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Resource/reference for particle interactions?

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    Is there a collection somewhere of particle interaction descriptions? For example, if I'm wondering what an electron-positron interaction does, what website can I type "electron positron" into and get back a handful of Feynman diagrams of relevant interactions?

    If that's too idealistic, is there some reference tome which has such descriptions? Like "The Physicist's Book of Particle Interactions?"

    If that's also too idealistic, what is the next best thing?

    I'm curious about these things but I don't have the background yet to understand them rigorously, which is why a reference resource would be more usable for me at this point.
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    The Particle Data Group might have something that you can use. It's mainly oriented towards professionals, but it does have some educational resources.
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    Thanks! That's exactly the kind of resource I'm interested in.
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