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Schools Resources to study surface tension

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    I want to study the topic of surface tension for the purpose of solving problems. I have textbooks like Halliday Resnick and Young Freedman. But these books don't cover the topic of surface tension. If you know any free, open resources to study this topic, please let me know

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    Both H&K (only checked earlier editions) and university physics talk about surface tension, and fluid mechanics in general. Did you check the index?
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    I might be able to help. But, I'd like to know what quality of resources you're looking for. If it's high school, what sort of exam you're preparing for?
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    H&K has fluid mechanics. But I don't see the topic of surface tension. I just checked amazon for the table of contents. It does not have this topic.
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    Hi Amey

    I am myself a teacher in India. I am looking for material on surface tension at IIT exam level.
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    I am not a JEE Enthusiast. However, I think I can recommend you on the basis of what I've seen a few teachers using.

    I've always believed that cracking a competitive exam requires a different skill set than a person learning Science. Halliday, Resnick and Walker or Young and Freedman, although enough for cracking Mains, are by no means enough for Advanced. It's like saying, I have the knowledge, but applying it is something else. It's an exam for Engineering Institute after all.

    Amazon India or your local book sellers might be selling the 'adapted version for JEE' of Haliday-Resnick-Walker and Young-Freedman. Although, I would advice you to check out the Young-Freedman (International Edition), although I remember reading about Surface Tension on the books, if you have problem with the text. Otherwise, you'd pretty much prefer some straight JEE text like Cengage, which has a nice gist of all the skill-set's required to crack JEE and nice problems. The point is, for Advanced, the books suggested in this forums except Freedman's, would require rigorous background to Physics.

    I've also tried Berkley Physics Course and I really liked it. The questions are also of good quality, so you can take a peek there too.
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