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Respected Accreditations by Employers

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    I know there are a ton of accreditations out there these days (national, regional, etc.); however, I was wondering if there are any in particular that employers like? For example, I'm planning on earning part of my degree online at a university that is accredited by DETC, but I don't want a potential employer to scoff at my resume because of the accreditating body of my diploma. I've been to CHEA's website, but couldn't really find much information.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    A lot depends on your field of study. Almost everybody accepts the 6 regional accreditations, for example, Middle States for my region. But, if you're going into a professional field, each of those also has an accreditation group, ABET for engineering for example.

    DETC is certainly a legitimate agency, but many people will not have heard of it. Most people will never even talk to you about accreditation. The problem you will more often face is whether your school sounds OK when a prospective employer scans your resume and then verifies your attendance. What's your program of study and at what school?
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    I recently got accepted to the Computer Science program at Grantham University located here: http://www.grantham.edu/academics/degrees_computer_science.php The school offers some really good CS electives in topics such as artificial intelligence and advanced graphics programming.

    The primary reason I asked the question is because I am in the military and stationed overseas, so a traditional classroom environment isn't an option since the schools on base do not offer a computer science or software engineering degree.

    Again, any help is greatly appreciated and thanks for the information thus far.
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