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Next Step: 2nd B.S. or M.S. (different from 1st B.S.)

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    Quick background...I'm 31-yrs old and recently graduate with a BS in CS and minor in math from University of Maryland University College. UMUC is a primarily online, state school that is regionally accredited. I'm unsure of its reputation since I've heard mixed reviews from employers, which is what brings me to this post.

    I'd like to do something AeroEng-related (propulsion) and have the means to go back to school; however, should I go for a BS in AeroEng or try to get into an AeroEng MS program? I realize any foundation courses will be part of most grad programs, but unsure if this is the best route since I wouldn't have the full foundation of an engineering bachelor's.

    Of note, financing either degree will not be an issue since I have the GI Bill available.

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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    It really depends on the type of job you want. I noticed that for places like Boeing, they specifically tell you if they prefer Master's or Bachelor's (with PE license or not) and whether or not they prefer ABET accredited degrees.

    The reason why this matters is because, I think to get a Professional Engineering license you need a BS degree or equivalent work experience as well as pass the exam of course.


    Think about what you want as a career first and then choose. If you are unsure, I would apply for both.
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    Great points! After reading some stuff on ABET's website, it may be better for me to pursue a BS in engineering for two reasons:

    1) ABET doesn't accredit a lot of Master's programs
    2) Many of the jobs I found on company websites, indeed, etc. require a degree from an ABET accredited program and/or being a PE.

    Thanks again for your insight.
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