Restrictive piping and water flow

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Hi, new to the forum and I'm looking for some help with water flow problem. I have a geothermal heating system. However, when installed a regular hot water tank was used to act as a buffer/holding tank to heat my floor. My question to anyone that can help is this; The manufacturer recommends that 1-1/2" copper pipe be used from the unit to the tank. However, the tank only has 3/4" inlets. Would these restrict the water flow enough to the point that 3/4" pipe could just be used from the unit to the tanks instead? I have no clue about water flow through a pipe. If you could help with a little explanation that would be great!

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Quick answer, no. I'd use what the manufacturer recommends anyway. Especially if a warranty is involved.
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3/4 to 1-1/2 is a huge size difference. I'd definitely run 1-1/2 all the way to the tank, then transition if I'd do this at all -- and make sure the heat pump is working ok because starving it for flow can be a big problem. The risk is in summer you could freeze the water in the heat pump, destroying it.

Perhaps get a contractor to look at it before or after to make sure it is going to be ok (they can test the heat pump to make sure it is operating properly).

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