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REUs (or similiar) for europeans

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    I feel I am on the road to research, and I would like to get some experience. I've been starting to look for something like the REU programs, but the problem is they are only open for US citizens. I guess it has with the funding to do.

    I must congratulate you US people on this forum, you are really lucky to have so many programs. We in Europe don't seem to have as many opportunities like these at all. Any hints on what programs might be open for EU citizens (anywhere in the world!) would be most helpful!

    Best regards,
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    If you've already picked a field you'd like to work in you could go to the department of that field in your university and just ask the professors for a job. That's how I got my undergrad research started. I was past the B.Sc. level at that point though (we usually go straight for the masters here).
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    Hello nordic friend! I really like Helsinki, I was there a few weeks ago and have good friends there.

    I think I will do what you suggest, yes. I feel I connect well with at least one professor, and perhaps she can give some advices aswell.

    By the way, we go for master right away aswell, but I think the younger ones will have to take a bachelor or something (Bologna process you know). I am in my fourth year now, and I really feel that what I need is some real experience.

    I have been thinking about trying to get to Finland next summer, since I think the job market is a bit better there than here (Sweden). I also think the employers in Finland take more responsibility, but I can of course not really know =) What's your impression of the current state?
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    Same here with the Bologna process. Somehow I didn't feel like switching to the new system only to start working on my masters right away after doing the bachelor's thesis... I'm at my 4th year now too and started being a research assistant (academic equivalent of an errand boy) last summer. So far it has been the most awesomest thing ever*. There's so much knowledge and experience floating around that some has even stuck on me!

    As for the job market, I'm not sure. The high tech industry is doing well and hiring a lot but an academic career will mean the usual hardships. I can't really tell about the employers either since I haven't held a proper job in neither country but I don't think there are significant differences between any nordic countries.

    *Awesome enough to require that double superlative.
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