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Reusing an attachment from an old thread in a new one

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    Sorry if this is something obvious but when I try to use some attachments I've used in a different thread it won't let me attach them in a new thread.

    I take it that they do this to save space and to get you to reuse attachments but I can't see how to reuse them in my new thread without renaming the file and subverting the system.

    Thanks for your help
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    Renaming won't help. You can use the url of the attachment and link it using the picture link.
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    I tried that also and it says that the file is invalid. IE I opened the image in the other thread, right clicked and chose "copy image URL" and pasted that into the "upload file from url" box on the manager and hit upload, it tells me the file is invalid in a little message at the top of the manager.

    I then tried to just use the url directly off the thumbnail but got the same error.

    Could it be because that thread is locked? I'm not posting the same thing really at all, the images are just useful for more than one discussion surrounding the same topics.
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    What is the url/attachment in question?
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    Do this:

    Code (Text):

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    Oh, I got so focused on using the attachment manager I forgot there might be an image tag, thanks!
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    Does this same issue exist for attachments that are not images? How do we deal with that?
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    Just post the link to it, without any tags.
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