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Rewrite of my assumptions. Was: Mistakes (again)

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    This is an attempt to define a bulk which corresponds to both a string
    cosmological and brane cosmological formalism which disallows other
    branes that exist outside this universe.

    Our bulk is homogenous manifold similar to a Joyce manifold but this
    then glued at every point to an AdS4 which forms a surface to the
    manifold . This manifold forms the background of everything that
    exists. This bulk exists

    Definition of the Hybrid Manifold

    We define our bulk as continuous map of all points on a AdS4 (which may
    or may be periodic) manifold and the Joyce manifold.

    We state that the observation of the propagation of point particles is
    actually a reflection of the current shape of the Joyce manifold. On
    our manifold when the Joyce manifold bends or is warped then the AdS4
    manifold's characteristics change as a result of the continuous
    mapping. In other words the AdS4 manifold shows the shape of the
    underlying substructure of the Joyce manifold. The Joyce manifold is
    bound to a certain set of shapes and transformations which must follow
    the laws of physics in the AdS4.

    But now we must extend the hybrid manifold to have properties that
    reflect current physical observations. We must have a manifold that is
    both restricted to a subset of shapes that can exist on the manifold.
    Also we must deal with the fact that energy is quantized.

    A quantization of energy using hybrid manifolds

    As a string moves through the part of our manifold that consists of the
    G2 manifold it bends the manifold slightly so that we can detect the
    point particle on the AdS4 space. The surface of our new manifold is
    glued and because of this it can reflect properties of its bending The
    reason we can detect different messenger particles is because as a
    string moves through our hybrid manifold it is bound at certain parts
    of the hybrid manifold due to the structure of the manifold. There are
    only a specific set of path's that the string can move through and that
    determines how the surface is bent.

    Another property is that due to quantization the vibrations of the
    string follow an ascending or descending chain of vibrational patters
    as the strings gain or lose energy. Therefore each string follows a set
    of vibrations given a specific amount of energy that a string

    Disallowing Violations of the Laws of Physics

    Certain properties of physics can be disallowed by the Joyce Manifold
    being unable to transform to that state ; because to do so would change
    the topology of the space so greatly that the energy required would be

    Gravity Representation

    There are two ways to represent gravity using this hybrid space. One
    way is to give it a formal messenger particle and have a given energy
    value for it. Another method is to say that gravity is a result of the
    specific shape of the Joyce manifold and requires no messenger particle
    whatsoever. This representation will be chosen once we have direct
    evidence for either outcome and may remain independent of the theory.
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    PDF version of Idea

    Here is a pdf of the idea with minor modifications.
    http://1946875.tripod.com/brane-hybrid-manifold.pdf [Broken]

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