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Homework Help: Riding the Train -Vecotrs & components

  1. Mar 3, 2007 #1
    Riding the Train --Vecotrs & components

    A passenger train is cruising directly to the north at 16.0 mi/hr.
    what are the speed and (numerical) direction of a passenger with respect to the ground on this train, if he now walks east-ward at 5.4 mi/hr?
    ---Compass heading in degrees: N=0, E=90, S=180, and W=270

    I know i have to add velocities add as vectors.

    i drew a triagle, the y commponent being 16 and the x (hoizontal) component being 5.4 and i ahve to ifnd the resultant speed. aka: the hypothenuse of the triangle.
    But i dont know how to do that when i dont have an angle.
    Please help
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    Hint: Pythagoras' Theorem.
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