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    I How Does the Dot Product of Vector Derivatives Relate to Their Original Vectors?

    Summary: The Dot Product of a Vector 'a' and a Derivative 'b' is the same like the negative of the Derivative 'a' and the Vector 'b'. Hello, I have the following Problem. The Dot Product of a Vector 'a' and a Derivative 'b' is the same like the negative of the Derivative 'a' and the Vector...
  2. M

    Magnetic field "lines" confused with magnetic field "vectors"

    I might be a slow learner, but am still trying to understand the difference between field lines and vectors. I've got that magnetic field lines are symbolic and that the directional arrows applied (from north to south) are a convention. But see the attached image. The field lines form a closed...
  3. B

    B Magnitude vs. Size: Understanding the Difference

    What's the difference between magnitude and size? I mean, how can I say that AB vector has a magnitude of 9 Newton, and its length is 4 cm.
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    B Force Resultant is equal to the sum of the components -- why?

    Why are the resultant's X and Y components of two forces equal the sum of the X and Y components of the two forces?
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    What is the displacement and average velocity of a classic car in a road rally?

    Homework Statement You enter an antique classic car road rally with your 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk. The rally course consists of the following segments: travel north at 25.0 m/s for 30.0 min, then east at 32.0 m/sfor 40.0 min, and finally northeast at 30.0 m/s for 50.0 min. For the entire...
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    Quick Resultant Forces Question

    Homework Statement So we have 65N @ 30*, 30N @ 180* and 20N at 250* Homework Equations Ncos(angle)i + Nsin(angle)jThe Attempt at a Solution Using this video I did the following. F1(65N) = 65cos(30)i+65sin30i Then using the radian circle I saw that 30* has x,y coordinates of sqrt3/2...
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    What is the single displacement needed for an expert golfer to make the hole?

    Homework Statement A novice golfer on the green takes three strokes to sink the ball. The successive displacements of the ball are 4.00 m to the north, 2.00 m northeast, and 1.00 m at 30.0° west of south (Fig. P3.21). Starting at the same initial point, an expert golfer could make the hole in...
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    How to Calculate Work on an Object with Varying Position-dependent Force?

    Homework Statement An object has several forces acting on it. One of these forces is F=alpha xy ihat, a force in the x-direction whose magnitude depends on the position of the object, with alpha (not zero). Calculate the work done on the object by this force for the following displacements of...
  9. Mr Davis 97

    Why Is Tension Considered Positive in This Vector Problem?

    I have a question about sign when it comes to solving vector problems. Here is one for example: A 5.0-kilogram mass is positioned on a 30 degree incline. It is kept stationary by a string pulling parallel to the incline. Determine the tension of the string. This is a very easy problem. I...
  10. Hijaz Aslam

    Defining a vector in magnitude,angle form.

    I've learned that vectors can be defined in,basically, two ways. (1) Unit Vector Form (xi+yj+zk) (2)Magnitude angle form. The second form always adds a confusion in problems. For instance let's define a function A and B as: When we define -B why do we do it as follows: I mean why do we...
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    Surface gravity (Killing vecotrs) of Kerr black hole

    Hello, I am interested in surface gravity of Kerr black hole it means, I need to find killing vector for Kerr which is null on outer horizont. Is it true? How should I do that? I guess it could be some linear combination of vecotrs ∂/∂t and ∂/∂\phi. So can I looking for that this way...
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    Killing vecotrs of Schwarzschild metric

    Hello, I have a question, whether is possible to looking for Killing Vectors (KV) in this way (I know about general solution): From Schwarzschild metric I can see two KV \frac{\partial}{\partial t} and \frac{\partial}{\partial\phi} . Then I see that other trivial KV arent there. Metric...
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    Solve Displacement Vectors Homework

    Homework Statement Route follewed by hiker consists of displacement vectors A, B, C. Vector A is 1550 m long in a direction 25.0 N of E. Vector B is of unknown length but in a direction of 41.0 E of S. Vector C is also of unknown length but of direction 35.0 N of W. Hiker ends up where he...
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    How can a vector be resolved into components in various directions?

    Homework Statement I just want to get my concepts right again. How many times can a vector be resolved into horizontal and vertical components? In the case of a mass placed on a wedge, the weight of the body can be resolved into mg sin (angle) and mg cos(angle). Can this mg sin(angle) be...
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    Riding the Train -Vecotrs & components

    Riding the Train --Vecotrs & components A passenger train is cruising directly to the north at 16.0 mi/hr. what are the speed and (numerical) direction of a passenger with respect to the ground on this train, if he now walks east-ward at 5.4 mi/hr? ---Compass heading in degrees: N=0, E=90...
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    What is the vector equation for escape velocity?

    hi, i have been looking for a while but stillnot managed to find a vector equation for the Escape Velocity. i know the escape velocity is: v=sqrt(2GM/r) i would like a vector form to extend a program i am making for a three body gravitational problem many thanks richard