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News RIP condensed matter theorist Alexei Abrikosov

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    Nobel laureate Alexei Abrikosov, a condensed matter theorist, passed away yesterday. I have no additional information at this time.
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    He has been in poor health for the past 5 or 6 years. I hardly saw him at Argonne anymore during this time.

    This man never fails to say hi and acknowledge your presence whenever you bump into him. He may have strong opinions about various topics in physics, but he was a gentle man who would not mind chatting with you whenever he can.

    Edit: Press release from Argonne:


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    Your description reminds me of an acquaintance.
    If only we could capture those "chats".
    Not sure how you felt about Alexei, but I always felt I should have had a knee on the ground when talking to my friend.
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