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Ronja - D.I.Y. wireless communications

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    On their website, they provide plans for a few different models of a wireless network device. The plans include parts list, instructions, pictures/diagrams etc., and are licensed under the GNU Free Documentaton License.

    Limitations of the device are that it requires a direct line-of-sight to operate, and it's functionality will be severely impaired in dense fog.

    Nonetheless, I think the project is excellent, and I really agree with alot of their philosophy (but maybe we shouldn't go into that).

    What do you think?
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    It's pretty interesting. It has some obvious flaws but these can be compensated. For example there could be multiple optical links, for redundancy. There could also be some available WiFi and wired networks to serve as backups.
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    What flaws are you referring to?
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    Line-of-sight, obstruction, interference...
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