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Rotating planets and magnetic fields

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    Is there a link between how fast a planet rotates, and the strength of its magnetic field?

    Or is there any recent work on this?

    I know that neutron stars rotate very fast and have v strong magnetic fields, and the same with Jupiter

    Okay, so that's not much to go on, but... is there something deeper going on here?
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    Probably....i think there are two ways to produce a magnetic field, from magnetized metal or by inducing current through a conductor. I think the current theory is that earth has a dynamo within it.....Some believe that earth operates within a plasma current along with all other objects in the universe...pick your theory and don your helmet..(:
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    The dynamo which drives the Earth's magentic field is not dictated by its overall rotation as observed from "the outside", but the contrast in the rapidly rotating core currounded by fluid.


    Now, for a neutron star, such as a Magnetar, there is of the course the same issue, but you add a level of complexity: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spin_magnetic_moment
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