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Rotation period vs. mass of planets in solar system

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    Hi all,

    I just realize that for most of the planets in our solar system, the heavier the planet, the faster it rotates around its axis. Do you think there may be any reasons for that?
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    If all planets started out rotating fast, then the smaller planets and also closer to the sun would be affected more by tidal friction than the more distant large planets.
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    So it won't explain why Uranus or Neptune rotates slower than Jupiter or Saturn.
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    If the initial rotation speeds were different, then the current speeds don't have to have an exact relationship.
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    Where is the post by starz9? I was reading it.
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    It was deleted for not meeting forum guidelines.
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    D H

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    Thanks. I was just about to ask if it could be deleted.
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    When my post was deleted I thought it was due to my inclusion of my book title and a link to my web site, so I eliminated those items and tried to repost unsuccessfully.

    Mr. Russ Watters was kind enough to send me an email explaining why the Forum was of the view my post did not adhere to your rules. DH makes the view unanimous.
    It is your right to decide what you like and what you do not. I respect that. However, I would have been much more impressed if the staff could have shown where I'm wrong.
    Best wished and Bye, James J. Wood, Sr.
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