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Rudin's explanation of how rapid the series 1/(n!) converges

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    In Rudin's Principle's of Mathematical Analysis, Rudin days that we can estimate how fast the series [itex]\sum\frac{1}{n!}[/itex] converges by the following:
    so that
    The part that bothers me is
    Using Maple I was able to see that
    but what if I did not have access to anything like Maple or Mathematica. How would I be able to figure out that the equality holds?
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    That sum is a geometric series - do you know what to do with those?
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    Oh. HAHAHAHA. Wow. Okay. I see it now. Thanks.
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    The sum is simply a geometric series with r = 1/(n+1), so the sum = 1/(1-r) = (n+1)/n.
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