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Rules - Expectations in using the writers forum

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    In this forum, it is possible for writers to ask for help with science-fiction or fantasy stories. Since science-fiction is speculative in nature, some degree of speculation is allowed here. However:

    There can be no speculation about the real world and about known science. Rather, all speculative theories must be about a world which is different (although similar) from our own. Writers must give some kind of indication in what way their world is different from our world.

    Discussions of the internal workings of a fictional universe are allowed but any attempt to discuss speculative fiction ideas with regard to the real world is not. For example: discussing the pros/cons/handwavium of a fictional technology with regards to a plot is perfectly ok but asking how such technology could be built in the real world and what the ramifications would be is not. This is a grey area and mentors reserve the right to close a thread when they think it violates this rule.

    Members are advised to particularly take care during the discusson of near-future and hard science fiction; ensure a clear distinction between real science and speculative fiction. Personal theories are strictly not allowed.

    The global guidelines are still in effect. This applies in particular to the forbidden topic list: https://www.physicsforums.com/showpost.php?p=3929007&postcount=2 Any obvious crackpottery and links to crackpot sites will be deleted.

    For those members interested in writing their story without member input, please use one of the two thread prefixes when creating your thread.
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