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Run so fast that you'd run over your back?

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    So I got a friend who asked me this question and thought it was quite interesting so I'd ask it here and see what you guys can come up with:

    Can you run so fast that you'd run over your back? if so how fast?
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    Of course not.
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    How is this question interesting?
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    what do you mean run over your back?
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    You mean you run so fast that you run around the world and catch up to your body that has stretched all the way around the world, and then you not only catch up to your back half, but you begin to lap him, and as you do, you knock him to the ground and run over his back?
    I know people say there's no dumb questions, but that one's pushing it.
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    One it's not my question and yes, that was actually like the full question, but forget about it, don't really need to comment if everyones going to just call it dumb and have an attitude towards it.

    If a moderator could delete this...that would be nice.
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    We don't delete threads that have replies. We do close threads that make no sense, however.
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