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Safe nitrogen compound to decompose a 500 deg C in a furnace?

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    Hi all - looking for help as a metallurgist - not a chemist.

    For a powder metallurgy project I need a simple, solid, powdery nitrogen compound I can mix with metallic, compacted powder and heat to 500 deg C. I need it to liberate nitrogen to react with the metal surfaces. I was looking at copper cyanide but will this liberate toxic fumes on breakdown? Was also looking at such things as urea but want hydrogen-free if I can get it or the hydrogen might dissolve in my aluminium powder.

    Any suggestions based on C-N materials?

    Many thanks for any response.

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    All CN compounds seem to produce hazardous fumes when pyrolized so "safe" is not likely in this case. If you have your heart set on a CN compound, I think melamine is your most likely candidate. C3H6N6 (or CH2N2)

    You might also use magnesium nitride powder. It decomposes steadily up to 500C releasing it's nitrogen. I would think the magnesium would alloy itself with the aluminum if that can be tolerated. Might try zinc nitride as well.
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