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Sample preparation of powders for trace metal analysis

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    When preparing a fine powder for trace metal analysis, is ashing prior to digesting unnecessary? If not, or not necessarily, where could I learn more about important considerations to determine whether of not any preparation prior to digestion is required?

    The one instance I have come across thus far for milk powder says it is easily digested - which suggests to me that there is no prior preparation necessary.

    Im specifically looking at low-fat organic matrices at this stage
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    Thanks for the thread! This is an automated courtesy bump. Sorry you aren't generating responses at the moment. Do you have any further information, come to any new conclusions or is it possible to reword the post? The more details the better.
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    What does the relevant ASTM methods manual say about your question?
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    What analytical technique are yo using Flame AA, ICP, MS, XRF, PIXE, SEM?
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