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The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to food preparation:
Food preparation – art form and applied science that includes but is not limited to cooking.

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  1. P

    What are you supposed to show when you have no data to present?

    Like when you're doing tons of things but it's mostly preparation for experiments and it's not really working so it's slowing experiments down. There's tons to talk about but there's really nothing to show anyone in terms of a powerpoint.
  2. physicsferret

    F=ma Prep and Resources for High School Students

    Hi all. This is the first time I am using this forum, so please forgive me if this has been said before already. I am a high-school sophomore and I took the AP Physics 1 course last year. I really enjoyed it because I had an amazing teacher and next year I will be taking AP Physics 2 and AP...
  3. Mr X

    Other What are some recommended books for preparing for the ISI entrance exam?

    I'm just done with 12th and I would like to prepare for the bmath entrance exam for ISI. I need some books to prepare and build the basics. So considering there's approximately an year to prepare, please give some good book suggestions that are not too rare and too hard to find in bookstores...
  4. YAYA12345

    I Integral Bee Preparation -- Trouble with this beautiful integral

    While I was preparing for an integrals contest, I had a doubt about the following integral, I tried several substitutions but nothing worked.I would appreciate your support for this beautiful integral. $$ \int\limits_{0}^{1/2} \cos(1-\cos(1-\cos(...(1-\cos(x))...) \ \mathrm{d}x$$
  5. yucheng

    Symmetrical parallel inductors, different currents? State Preparation

    We have there parallel inductors (i.e. having the same voltage) with the same inductance, having different currents at a particular time. It appears that this is only possible if the current phasors have different phases See bottom left of video below, ##I_1, I_2, I_3## (time already set to...
  6. MichaelBack12

    Studying Preparing for Organic Chemistry: Tips for Reviewing Inorganic Chemistry Concepts

    Summary: What’s the best way to review inorganic chem in preparation for OC. Assume zero recall on basic college chem. Are there study guides, online courses, etc. for this specific purpose?
  7. PseudoQuantum

    Analysis Which Math Textbook is Best for Preparing for Real Analysis?

    Hi all. I am a math major. I will be taking real analysis next Fall with an excellent professor who I know to be also quite demanding. I would like to be as well prepared for this class as possible besides going through a real analysis text or lecture series over the Summer and causing the class...
  8. A

    Classical Which problem book to do for Physics Olympiad?

    Hi there, I know this question has been asked a million times but I need some help. Essentially, I am studying for F=MA/UsaPhO with the goal to make camp or IPhO(?) this year. I have begun studying with University Physics with Modern Physics, and yesterday read the first chapter of the E&M...
  9. I

    Courses Preparation for an applied math career

    I'm a current math major and I'm interested pursuing a graduate degree in applied math. My question: Is it better to take as many pure undergrad math classes (real analysis, abstract algebra, topology, etc.) as possible for preparation? Or should I focus on classes like differential equations...
  10. L

    Potassium sodium tartrate preparation and comparison with recipes

    Hi hi, here a question, how can we prepare Potassium sodium tartrate?, well, there is a lot of sites and videos, but in order to this right I'll write what have I done and checked, I'll try use the info I have, even if is not very dependable. First, we need sodium carbonate, to do this, we can...
  11. entropy1

    I Ontology of measurement and correlation

    If a non-commuting measurement is made on a quantum property (like spin), this can be seen as the wavefunction being prepared. So you can't tell if the outcome represents the property, or that the property is prepared. However, if the property is prepared, we can predict the correlation with a...
  12. Silveresquemania

    Studying Self-studying physics in preparation for learning astrophysics on my own

    I have the ultimate goal of self-studying astrophysics and cosmology just for personal interest and fulfillment. I've taken introductory mechanics and electromagnetism with some modern physics in university, but at the time, I slacked off and didn't really learn the material well. I am...
  13. M

    Will an algebra and trig texbook be sufficient preparation for calc?

    I took Algebra I, II, and precalculus in high school, but I graduated high school some time ago and would like to prepare for calculus before I go back to school. My question is if a textbook that covers both Algebra and Trigonometry will sufficiently prepare me for calculus (I plan on taking...
  14. TytoAlba95

    Preparation of 1mg/ml BSA

    I had to prepare 1mg/ml BSA for Total protein estimation by Lowry method. I was suggested to add 1ml distilled water to 1mg of BSA in a 2 ml ependoff tube, instead of adding distilled water upto the 1ml mark. The explanation that was given to me was, that, 1mg is a very small amount and it...
  15. astroman707

    Courses Academic Preparation for gravitational wave careers?

    If someone wanted to pursue a career in gravitational wave physics, and work at places like LIGO, studying astrophysical objects such as black holes and neutron stars, etc. What are some key courses/skills that person should take/learn as an undergraduate, and graduate student?
  16. G

    Super Basic Collision Problem - Preparation for SR

    Homework Statement [This problem is part of a preparation for modifying the concepts involved in special relativity.] Two cars collide and lock together. They are each a mass of 800 kg and were traveling at a steady 20 m/s in opposite directions prior to collision. a) What's the kinetic...
  17. K

    Schools Preparation for university level physics

    I am about to start a degree in maths and physics in September. I would like to get a first class degree which means starting to prepare for the dregree now. Does anyone have and notes or advice for first year physics , thanks !
  18. ISamson

    Admissions Finding GATE Exam Practice/Samples --

    Hello. My Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) exam is upcoming in a few months, and I am having trouble finding practice and samples. I am in Y7 right now, exam is next year and I am trying to enter an advanced school for year 9. I live in Western Australia, but please do not restrict an answer...
  19. R

    Calculus Will this be enough preparation for Spivak's Calculus book?

    Reading through a bit the book seems nothing like what I learned in uni (Stewarts calculus) Will "Book of Proof" By Hammack --> "Basic Mathematics" by Lang be enough preparation for Calculus by Spivak? Thanks.
  20. A

    Electroless nickel plating - surface preparation

    Hi, I am conducting the experiments with the electroless nickel plating of the brass (CZ121). I have read a lot of the literature about this process prior to the lab tests. All brass surface cleaning procedures that I have came across involve the electroless cleaning (I understand why)...
  21. M

    Van der Pauw sample preparation errors

    Hello, I'm carrying out electrical resistivity tests with the Van der Pauw method on a round sample (2 mm thick disk) of a doped ceramic but sometimes I have issues in the mounting of the sample. I'm using a 4-probe tube where each of the 4 wires contacts with the "corners" of the sample. To...
  22. Musti XV

    Experimental preparation for IPHO?

    Hello everyone I am a student in the high school and I join the physics Olympiad's team. I am actually good in theoretical physics but on the other hand I can't do any experiment because I'm very bad in the experimental area. I don't know what I have to do and how, in the first round to choose...
  23. J

    A Exploring Experimental Techniques for Preparing Quantum States

    Hello everyone, We come to the end of another semester and its presentation time. I have chosen to discuss how to prepare different quantum mechanical systems for various applications. So my question for you guys is, are there any interesting experimental techniques I should look into. I am...
  24. B

    Preparation of murexide indicator for Ca measurement

    I want to prepare murexide indicator for Ca measurement using EDTA titrimetric method. I am following the procedure set by the American Public Health Association (APHA), however, I only have murexide diluted with K2SO4 (1:250). I want to know if I can use this as a substitute, and if yes, how...
  25. B

    Prepare Crystal Sample for SEM Analysis: Ca5(PO4)3OH

    I have a crystal sample that I wish to analyze using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) but is not initially in powder form. What are the proper steps to be taken to prepare the samples for analysis? The substance, I believe, is mainly hydroxylapatite, Ca5(PO4)3OH. Thank you!
  26. B

    XRD Sample Prep: Pulverization w/o Affecting Crystallinity?

    I have some precipitate samples that I wish to analyze for XRD. I collected them by filtration of a slurry. Through the filtration, the precipitates "cemented" on the surface of the filter pad so the samples I collected are not exactly in powdered form, which I believe is the ideal form to do...
  27. J

    Schools University Physics without high school preparation

    Hi First time poster here. I recently applied to the University of Toronto in which I intend to do the Math and Physics Specialist, this university has a particular bad reputation for killing GPA; however, I'm confident that its mostly myth and with hard work anything can be achieved. The only...
  28. T

    Programs Ideal Undergrad Preparation for Biophysics Ph.D.

    I'm looking at colleges right now. I'm really interested in biophysics, so I've been planning out what I biophysics curriculum would look like at various schools. However, most schools do not have a biophysics major, so I've had a hard time planning out what classes to take in addition to the...
  29. ELHPhysics

    Schools What should I focus on to excel in university physics?

    Hi, this fall I'll be attending university for Theoretical Physics (Canada). I'm hoping to continue education to graduate level, and become a physicist myself. Firstly, I'm wondering what I should have under my belt, to not only be successful in school but also become an expert in physics...
  30. J

    Relativity Books about Special Relativity for preparation for QFT

    Hello, I want to learn QFT but I feel that my understanding of Special Relativity is not good enough. Could you please recommend to me any good relativity books to fill my gaps? My gaps are mostly conceptual. Thanks in advance!
  31. Alejandro Ramos

    Studying Got accepted for MEXT scholarship, and I need some advice

    Hello, my name is Alejandro. And I posted here a long time ago asking for some help in preparing for MEXT scholarship exams, and you guys helped me so much and I am really thankful. I am happy to inform that I have been the only one who cleared those exams out of the 40 or so applicants in my...
  32. N

    Preparation of standard stock solution

    Homework Statement In this experiment we will create a standard stock solution from lyphochek serum. The concentration of proteins in serum Lyphochek is 6,8 g / dl. Pipette 1.36 mL Lyphochek serum in a 25 mL volumetric flask and dilute with physiological water. Calculate the standard stock...
  33. E

    Studying How to strenghten your preparation?

    Hello everyone! I am about to finish my master degree and to start my PhD and I am very excited about it! There is something, though, that worries me a bit: sometimes I feel I don't have very good and solid basis. May be due to forgetfulness with time or due to a bad study when I was younger and...
  34. N

    Buffer solution preparation

    Homework Statement So I have prepare a buffer solution of 100 mL with ph of 4.00 .I have to use acetic acid and NaAc (sodium acetate ) to do so . The sum of the concentration of weak acid and its conjugate base is equal to 0.10 M ca + cb = 0.10 M How much volume of acetic acid and NaAc should...
  35. O

    Sample preparation of powders for trace metal analysis

    When preparing a fine powder for trace metal analysis, is ashing prior to digesting unnecessary? If not, or not necessarily, where could I learn more about important considerations to determine whether of not any preparation prior to digestion is required? The one instance I have come across...
  36. jaskamiin

    Analysis Have a math degree, need to refamiliarize with advanced math

    I've been out of school for a while and working as a programmer. I want to start taking some masters courses for applied math (PDEs, numerical analysis, etc) and need to become familiar again with the advanced math I used to use in undergrad. I took two semesters of real analysis as an...
  37. jamalkoiyess

    Studying Physics Undergraduate Preparation

    hello PF, This year i am going to university for my physics undergrad major. I am planning for a Ph.D. in physics and maybe if i can a job in research. MY questions: _what languages are the most important these days ( i know arabic french and english)? _what are some beneficial preparations...
  38. D

    Testing Preparing for Physics Olympiads: Tips and Resources

    Guys, My teacher told me that i have to study for physics olympiad this year, but he is too busy too teach me intensively, so what should i do for my preparation?
  39. Schwarzschild90

    Particle physics exam preparation

    Homework Statement See the PDF. I would like some pointers as to what would be most relevant to talk about Homework Equations Amplitude, cross sections and decay rates. The Attempt at a Solution 1) Particle classification: From the Eightfold way to the quark model[/B] Particles are...
  40. naima

    Measurement and Preparation in the Double Slit Experiment

    Is there a difference between measurement and preparation? When we have two Young slits we prepare a superposition of position. The apparatus which can measure this state is a copy of these slits near them with detectors outside them. If they never click you have build the correct measurement...
  41. Kilo Vectors

    Wanting to study electronics, difficulty? preparation?

    Hello I am currently a university student studying business. I am going to apply to a program in electronics and information engineering. I liked the program because it is a mix of computer science (algorithms, operating systems, software engineering and computer architecture modules) , IT...
  42. S

    BSc thesis preparation resources

    My thesis supervisor usually just hands out a paper to read and to fish for the resources and all the rest of the details for myself. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
  43. C

    Foundations Recommended Math books as preparation for bachelor in math?

    For a long time I've been debating whether to study Physics or Math at university (Bachelor), but I'm going to jump into math this summer. I have this feeling that preparing for "logical thinking" and mathematical language/terminology would be a good idea, since all i have is my 3 year old...
  44. A

    Classical Prerequisites for Jackson's Classical Electrodynamics

    Hello, I have already studied Griffith's book, Intro to Electrodynamics. However when I try Jackson's book, I find it a bit hard for me. My question is, what Maths and Physics texts (or specifically, chapters of texts) do you recommend, so that I would be best prepared for a graduate course in...
  45. H

    Preparing Op Amp Lab: Tips & Guidelines

    < Mentor Note -- thread moved to HH from the technical engineering forums, so no HH Template is shown > Hi, I'm working on a lab project and I have limited instruments/electronics. I am trying to use this op amp to amplify a few uA pulse to a 5 mA pulse. The pulse is passing through a...
  46. PhotonSSBM

    Inadequite preparation for higher level physics

    My intro physics sequence was kind of a joke. It used Serway, and the exam questions were easier than the homework from the book most of the time. That's par for the course for my school, but I'll be going to a better one in the spring, and I want to be adequately prepared for the higher level...
  47. T

    How Does Adding Sulfuric Acid Prevent Hydrolysis in CuSO4 Crystal Preparation?

    We did this experiment in the lab.We had to prepare crystals of pure copper sulfate from a given impure sample of blue vitriol(powder). So my teacher started with shaking the sample with water and then added a few drops of dilute sulfuric acid to it. It was then heated to crystallization point...
  48. tanmay

    How to study to become successful aeronautical engineer?

    Sir, I have taken admission in Hindustan University, Chennai. My first year of college is starting on next month. Sir please give me a tips that how to study? i.e. How much time in a day should I study? On which subject should I focus more? Should I participate in extra activities such as sports...
  49. neosoul

    Schools Independent Study as Preparation for Grad School

    PF Family, I love my undergraduate institution. However, our physics department is very small and has a very small faculty. Also, although many are listed on the webpage, we only have one physics elective, "Intro to Astronomy", which I am not very interested in. I've been thinking about...