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News SA's Zuma 'showered to avoid HIV'

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    Africa's Fight Against AIDS: If you can't cure 'em, join 'em!
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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
    Now I know why Africa is having the Hiv pandmeic
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    Don't take this so lightly. You can trip in the shower and bust your head open. Thus, you have no AIDS. or pulse.
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    You mean you can get aids from prostitutes?!:uhh:
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    Is this a serious discussion or a mockery? If the latter, please move it to GD. (I'm not saying this to Greg, but the the others)
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    Sorry. I don't see much to talk about unless it's about the African AIDS situation in general which this article only really mentions as a side line. I doubt many of us are really that familiar this this man and his political scandals.
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    Nice Avatar Greg,
    The article shows, at least to moi, the ignorance and miseducation I suspect is rampant even in the US amongst many peoples in the world. That Zuma figured a shower could diminish his chances of contracting HIV is sad and maybe tragic.
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    Hey guys...

    Ja...me from South Africa and been following the case somewhat.

    Basically, Zuma was our ex-pres. He was removed from his post as such after the whole Schabir Shaik scandal (google it...it was a high-profile corruption case involving major political figures) and then he was accused of rape of the lady in question in the article.

    He is a major figure in the country...he has a HUGE following as he is a politician who appeals to the people as such.

    Unfortunately, all the charges against have tarnished his image as such. My personla belief was these are allegations and I'll make my decision once the courts have their say. HOWEVER, this showering thing...um..no. How dumb can u be? Worse, he was head of a moral regeneration program before he was releived of his post.

    What gets me is that in a country with the highest prevalence of AIDs, he, firstly, commited adultery (be it rape or not), then denied having sex at all with the lady (initially at least...in court he said the sex was consensual) and then, he didnt use a condom even though he knew she was HIV +ve and, to top it off, (insert a huge laugh here..) HE APPARENTLY SHOWERED TO MINIMISE HIS CHANCES OF INFECTION!!!!!!

    what the ....

    Thats just dumb.

    Whats worse is that he is a role model in the country. his support is immense. VERY immense... I dunno...ja.
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    In recently watching the program about CGI headed up by Clinton to end AIDS, the problem of education, along with stigma was addressed. The religious taboo against condoms certainly doesn't help either. But CGI has raised over 2 million so far, and thankfully many medical professionals donate their time, and even pharmaceutical companies (e.g., Pfizer) contribute drugs.
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    Well this isnt as bad as an HIV positive patient purposely spitting at doctors and nurses blood and saliva and throwing his foley urine bag in general direction of the public.

    At least with this guy, the lifeguards in the shallow end of a gene pool dont have much to work with
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    Well...He was found innocent...


    One of my friends commented a couple weeks ago that if they couldn't convict OJ or MJ ... there is no ways JZ (jacob Zuma) could be convicted.

    My view: Ok, cool...he didn't rape her...I accept that the law was laid down and to me, it's fine.

    Still, he did commit adultery and HE HAD A DAMN SHOWER to prevent AIDS...hardly a role-model although by the looks of it, he is the ultimate role model now for thousands and thousands of South Africans.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Don't feel too badly about it. Here in the US, we used to practice for a Soviet nuclear missile attack by climbing under our desks and covering our heads. :biggrin:

    Absolutely true!
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    The case was interesting at least...If anybody is interested about "what we consider moral" today...it's a good idea to check out the feature on the case on the New24 site (i linked my story above from there).

    It's odd that now that he's cleared of rape, he's back to the hero he used to be. BUT, he is sooo stupid (shower...) and the fact remains that he committed adultery.

    What morals do we have left? It's simply telling to the thousands of South Africans now that idolise him that it's ok to go out, have unprotected sex with and HIV-positive person who is half your age and, even though you are married or in a committed and loving relationship, it's perfectly fine if she says yes and that life MUST be fine and dandy after you've done that.

    I dunno...maybe I've missed something that makes that an ok thing to do...Oh well...
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