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Saw a new military weapon that

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    Saw a new military weapon that....

    was used to heat the surface of the skin and is freaks the crap out of the enemy and hurts so they run away, it was a big unit on a vehicle with decent range and shot our a wave of some sort? Anyone know what this is?

    (Edit, not sure if we can discuss this type of stuff, if not please just delete the thread, also mods why dont we have the option to delete our threads?)
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    D H

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    Nope. Just plain old 95 GHz electromagnetic radiation. This is on the upper end of the microwave range.
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    Lol, microwaving people.

    Thanks for the responses guys.
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    Prolonged exposure to this weapon will cause damage. And it can cause blindness.

    Protective clothing can stop it; a mask and goggles are also required to protect the face.

    It makes a very poor military weapon; but it works very nicely for civilian crowd dispersal. Of course any government and people that would use such a device on peaceful demonstrators would show itself to be lacking ethical and moral values.
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    Articles about the system say it has been designed to help minimize the risk of such injuries. Risk of damage with this system is on par with any other crowd control weapon.

    Well the point of the system isn't really for dispersal of "peaceful" crowds, but rather violent mobs and/or riots that are out of control.

    This is an effective tool that is less likely to cause life-threatening injuries than sting grenades, high-powered water jets, or possibly tear gas; and at the same time produces no lasting effects when used within its design parameters, something few crowd control methods can claim.
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    Yeah its the army's best try at a non-lethal crowd control weapon, and it hurts a lot, and most people can only stay in the way of it for like 5 seconds, so its pretty powerful (its like having scalding hot soup poured on you continuously)
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