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Scanning pattern in Planck's maps

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    There is a year old Planck picture:
    The sky seen through Planck's nine frequency channels
    There is no other data just this picture. But it is very intriguing just the same.

    In 70GHz 100GHz frequency maps there is clear scanning pattern visible. And 143GHz frequency map shows stripes that are related to scanning pattern.

    So it looks like CMB fluctuations diminish as you average over scans that are taken at different positions of satellite.

    If that indeed is so it would be very bad news for Big Bang as source of CMB fluctuations (or CMB itself) would seem to be something related to this observation:

    I am wondering if that is the reason why there is nothing on that topic. Because if you intend to say something against mainstream viewpoint you want to be really sure about your data. So you will double check and triple check everything.
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    This map is intended to eliminate foreground contamination due the milky way. I don't see the correlation.
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    Actually, most of the visual effect there is not due to any contamination of the data (except possibly at 143GHz and 217GHz), but rather due to the fact that different parts of the sky have been covered a different number of times. At any rate, there has been a lot of work since then in cleaning up those maps, and there remains quite a lot of work left to go. We also have more than two full years of data now, so the coverage is much better.

    The current plan is to do the first CMB data release in a little less than a year, and so the work over this next year is going to be geared towards making sure all of our data products are in as solid a shape as possible.
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    Those pictures say nothing at all about the CMB. It says clearly that they are images of the FOREGROUND with all the CMB data subtracted out.

    So those maps that you link to, they show precisely what would NOT be included in the CMB sky maps that Planck makes.

    If you want to say anything you should probably get the actual CMB maps from Planck. Or from the preceding mission WMAP, if you cannot get ones from Planck.
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    Ah, stupid me not noticing word "foreground".
    Thanks, Marcus!
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