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Schaum's Outline of Mathematical Handbook of Formulas and Tables

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  1. Jan 24, 2013 #1

    Table of Contents:
    Code (Text):

    [*] Formulas
    [*] Elementary Constants, Products, Formulas
    [*] Greek Alphabet and Special Constants
    [*] Special Products and Factors
    [*] The Binomial Formula and Binomial Coefficients
    [*] Complex Numbers
    [*] Solutions of Algebraic Equations
    [*] Conversion Factors
    [*] Geometry
    [*] Geometric Formulas
    [*] Formulas from Plane Analytic Geometry
    [*] Special Plane Curves
    [*] Formulas from Solid Analytic Geometry
    [*] Special Moments of Inertia
    [*] Elementary Transcendental Functions
    [*] Trigonometric Functions
    [*] Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
    [*] Hyperbolic Functions
    [*] Calculus
    [*] Derivatives
    [*] Indefinite Integrals
    [*] Tables of Special Indefinite Integrals
    [*] Definite Integrals
    [*] Differential Equations and Vector Analysis
    [*] Basic Differential Equations and Solutions
    [*] Formulas from Vector Analysis
    [*] Series
    [*] Series of Constants
    [*] Taylor Series
    [*] Bernoulli and Euler Numbers
    [*] Fourier Series
    [*] Special Functions and Polynomials
    [*] The Gamma Function
    [*] The Beta Function
    [*] Bessel Functions
    [*] Legendre and Associated Legendre Functions
    [*] Hermite Polynomials
    [*] Laguerre and Associated Laguerre Polynomials
    [*] Chebyshev Polynomials
    [*] Hypergeometric Functions
    [*] Laplace and Fourier Transforms
    [*] Laplace Transforms
    [*] Fourier Transforms
    [*] Elliptic and Miscellaneous Special Functions
    [*] Elliptic Functions
    [*] Miscellaneous and Riemann Zeta Functions
    [*] Inequalities and Infinite Products
    [*] Infinite Products
    [*] Probability and Statistics
    [*] Descriptive Statistics
    [*] Probability
    [*] Random Variables
    [*] Numerical Methods
    [*] Interpolation
    [*] Quadrature
    [*] Solution of Nonlinear Equations
    [*] Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations
    [*] Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
    [*] Iteration Methods for Linear Systems
    [*] Tables
    [*] Logarithmic, Trigonometric, Exponential Functions
    [*] Four Place Common Logarithms log_{10}N or log N
    [*] Sin x (x in degrees and minutes)
    [*] Cos x (x in degrees and minutes)
    [*] Tan x (x in degrees and minutes)
    [*] Conversion of Radians to Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds or Fractions of Degrees
    [*] Conversion of Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds to Radians
    [*] Natural or Napierian Logarithms log_e x or ln x
    [*] Exponential Functions  e^x
    [*] Exponential Functions  e^{-x}
    [*] Exponential, Sine, and Cosine Integrals
    [*] Factorial and Gamma Function, Binomial Coefficients
    [*] Factorial n
    [*] Gamma Function
    [*] Binomial coefficients
    [*] Bessel Functions
    [*] Bessel Functions J_0(x)
    [*] Bessel Functions J_1(x)
    [*] Bessel Functions Y_0(x)
    [*] Bessel Functions Y_1(x)
    [*] Bessel Functions I_0(x)
    [*] Bessel Functions I_1(x)
    [*] Bessel Functions K_0(x)
    [*] Bessel Functions K_1(x)
    [*] Bessel Functions Ber(x)
    [*] Bessel Functions Bei(x)
    [*] Bessel Functions Ker(x)
    [*] Bessel Functions Kei(x)
    [*] Values for Approximate Zeros of Bessel Functions
    [*] Legendre Polynomials
    [*] Legendre Polynomials P_n(x)
    [*] Legendre Polynomials P_n(cos(theta))
    [*] Elliptic Integrals
    [*] Complete Elliptic Integrals of First and Second Kinds
    [*] Incomplete Elliptic Integral of the First Kind
    [*] Incomplete Elliptic Integral of the Second Kind
    [*] Financial Tables
    [*] Compound amount: (1+r)^n
    [*] Present Value of an Amount: (1+r)^{-n}
    [*] Amount of an Annuity: \frac{(1+r)^n - 1}{r}
    [*] Present Value of an Annuity: \frac{1-(1+r)^{-n}}{r}
    [*] Probability and Statistics
    [*] Areas Under the Standard Normal Curve
    [*] Ordinates of the Standard Normal curve
    [*] Percentile Values (t_p) for Student's t Distribution
    [*] Percentile Values (\chi^2_p) for \chi^2 (Chi-Square) Distribution
    [*] 95th Percentile Values for the F distribution
    [*] 99th Percentile Values for the F distribution
    [*] Random Numbers
    [*] Index of Special Symbols and Notations
    [*] Index
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  3. Jul 22, 2016 #2
    Good reference. I mostly use it when I need analytical solutions of tricky differential equations.
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